Monday, 22 August 2011

Another Monday Another Blog About Raymond.

For anyone who doesn't know I blog about the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond cause my girlfriend watches the show and I end up watching it too, so I write my thoughts down cause if I didn't I'd go crazy! Well, more crazy then I already am!

So today's episode is from season six episode four called Ray's Ring. It starts as Ray and his brother Robert are at a hotel on a business trip and Robert ends up loosing Rays ring down a heater vent.

Not able to retrieve it they head to the airport to go home without it and with the hopes the superintendent of the hotel will be able to get it out sometime.

While at the airport Ray is hit on by a woman twice as hot as his wife and twenty times as nice.

At first she just casually talks to Ray and he being polite talks back to her. Then she asks if he wants to go get a drink at the airport bar and that's when he realizes shes hitting on him cause he doesn't have his wedding ring on. He then tells her of the mix up and she leaves.

The next day at home Ray tells his wife, Debra, about loosing the ring and she is a bit upset. And then before Ray can mention the woman hitting on him his father comes barging into the house and talks about the woman hitting on him (that he had heard from Robert).

To this Debra gets mad.

Very very mad.

Debra loses it and storms up the stairs and throws his clothes out the window.

And I gotta wonder, what the heck is up with that?

Since when does being hit on and instantly turning down the woman count as some thing to get mad about?

If some man walks past Debra and says "Nice tits! Fancy a shag?" Should Ray tell her to go to hell? Call her a slut? Beat her up? No!

Then why is she acting this way!

I can barely take this episode seriously! It seems like it should be a parody of the show! Something you'd see on Mad TV or a YouTube video! Some parody called Everyone Hates Ray And You Don't Get To Know Why! Where everyone acts like an exaggeration of the characters! Instead of stupid reasons for getting mad they just get mad for the heck of it! You said hello your mean! Yell Yell! You looked at me that means you hate my brother! Yell Yell! We are all retarded! Yell Yell! and so on!

Where they so out of ideas for them to get mad about they just started having them get mad for no reason!

So in the end they resolve their non issue and everything goes back to normal, or what passes for normal in the show!

I so hate Raymond.


  1. Wow. I don't even watch this show but the adverts made me hate him.
    This blog post made me want him dead. He ain't funny he's just weird.

  2. hahaha you seem obsessed with that guy (and show). He's not the funniest guy ever, but its not like i want to see him dead either.

  3. lol still to find out about this!

  4. Haha, well I could say the same for all episodes.

  5. The show is just awkward. Nothing more to say about it.

  6. I actually hate that show. :/

  7. I think the wife looks hotter on the new show In the Middle.

  8. You tried to make sense of why a woman got mad? I see why you're flustered..

  9. Haha, never cared for that show.

  10. Not even going to lie, I saw that my wife had recorded a bunch of Raymond. The show is funny, like in pieces, but sitting through a whole episode, I'd jump out the window.

  11. might watch it when i get some spare time after summer

  12. I love this raymond

  13. "Nice tits! Fancy a shag?"

    nice, haha.

  14. You seem to hate him but still be obsessed.. weird combo xD

  15. Just stop watching that show. God. It's bad and everyone knows that it's bad. Like the time robert got hit in the ass by a bull on police duty. And everyone makes fun of him. He could have been killed for god sake.

  16. Get off this lol raymond idk...