Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Game Shows

America has Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right. Canada has Gutterball Alley!


What is it? It was (now cancelled) a Canadian game show on the Comedy Network (a Canadian channel) in 2002 based around bowling!

Its premise is people do odd tests to win up to three balls then get to bowl them down gutterball alley and for every pin you knock down you get $50 and if you get a gutterball you lose all your money! And at the end of the show the top winner gets the chance to change in their winnings for whats behind one of four doors. The prizes range from a large CD collection to a Pladium Power Party (with pizza) to a Trip to Cuba!

Sounds lame? Hell no! Its Canadian, we're all crazy!

Here's a break down of the three games the three contestants played in one episode.

Game one: Butt Vinyard (host comments its based on Angelo's Asses and Grapes of Ass)

In it the contestant has 30 seconds to stick as many grapes down a fat mans underwear as she can.

Once done the fat man must squeeze the grapes between his ass and the chair to make as much "AssWine" as possible.

It drips into a container under the chair and once complete the contents are pored into a cup with 3 markings on it.

The higher the cup is filled the more balls that are one for the contestant to bowl with.

This particular contestant gets just under the two ball line prompting the host to offer her one more ball if she drinks the juice. So she does.

With her two balls she steps up to bowl. The first ball knocks down seven pins making her $350! And with her second ball she gets a gutterball and loses all her money!

Wow, drinking that AssWine was a really bad idea!

Second Game: Condom Taste (the host comments that in this game the contestant must swallow more than their pride)

In this game the contestant must taste flavored condoms as they are held against a midgets crotch and accurately guess their flavour. For each one she gets right she wins a ball. I couldn't make this up if I tried!

As the contest starts she quickly downs the first one getting its flavour correct she then quickly tries the second one getting it correct as well.

This prompts the host to say "Your great at this have you practised?" To which the girl smiles and says "Yup" and quickly goes to taste the third one.

Getting it correct she wins three balls and doesn't have to try the remaining two dildos which unfortunately go unsucked!

But then the host jokingly says the fourth flavor was "Dirty old man in a rain coat!"

So then the girl goes to bowl her three balls. The first one downs six pins for $300 and the second ball as well downs six for $300! For a total of $600! She then steps up and throws her last ball and GUTTERBALL! She loses all her money! If only she hadn't tasted so many dildos!

Game Three: Poison Pinatas.

In this game the contestant must poke 3of5 pinatas blind folded with a harpoon while sitting right underneath them. First on has toy bowling ball (win) second one has brown goo (lose) and the third has green goo (lose). So with that the guy covered in brown and green goo bowls his only shot and gets one pin. $50!

So with all the games over the three consistence stand with the host for the end of game door prize.

But before they get to that the host offers the man covered in brown and green goo $20 to lick his own shorts. The guy trys to bump it to fifty and the host makes the offer to one of the girls instead.

The dildo sucking girl leaps on the chance and takes the $20 from the host then gets on her knees and licks the guys crotch!

She then pockets the money in her chest pocket then does a little happy dance!

The guy (as top winner with $50) is given the chance to exchange his money for a chance at whats behind one of the doors. He chooses and ends up with a Pladium Power Party for two hours of unlimited games pizza and play.

The two girls? The first one gets the memories of AssWine and the second gets a better understanding of oral sex with condoms.

So that's the show!

I wont comment on the show or give my opinion. I'll just let it stand on its own.

So what do you think of the game show? Would you play in it?


  1. It was a great show.
    Of course I'd participate!! :D

  2. And I thought only japanese gameshows were as strange as that one is lol
    I'd hit that blonde slut though xD

  3. Wow, I cringed when I saw the picture of the girl drinking the ass wine... blech.

  4. That is so strangely awesome!

  5. If the first challenge featured a hot girl instead of a fat dude the show wouldn't be cancelled.

  6. Neon beat me to it. I would expect this kind of stuff from a Japanese show, not a Canadian one. And yes, that blonde is mighty fine.

  7. Haha I would love to play this game "]

  8. That game show looks fun to watch do you have any links to some episodes?

  9. this is such a weird idea. also, this is why i hate game shows

  10. I don't think I'd play, but I'd gladly watch it. This is what fun is!

  11. wow, what a trange show xD hahahah

  12. Sounds lame? Hell no! Its Canadian, we're all crazy!

    crazy is JUST the word I had in mind!! That show looks... interesting...

  13. Oh my, this is a nightmare that I have had.

  14. Hah I've never seen it somehow. In the pic of the girl drinking the wine the dude's face in the background is like "that's more than just grape juice my dear"

  15. Damn, I didn't know Canadians where so crazy.

  16. This reminds me of those wacky gameshows they make for kids but they threw in a bunch of adult content. Looks fun..

  17. ok.. Canada is weird

  18. "In it the contestant has 30 seconds to stick as many grapes down a fat mans underwear as she can."
    What? O_o'

  19. WOW. I would've totally watched that! As soon as I saw that grape juice going into a glass I knew consumption would be next :(

  20. Wow.
    No words for this game show.

  21. it reminds me of some japanese game shows. crazy stuff going on

  22. Sounds ace, I'd definitely watch. Although game shows over here are mostly watched by those with dementia, so I don't really know if there'd be an audience (even if it was this mad).

  23. Good one I wasn't eating, when reading the first game.
    I would watch it, but definitely not play it. :P