Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Attention all Canadians!

A while back I blogged about Bill C-11 that effects Canadians! Well I'm back with more news!

Thanks to Mark the Rambling Person (who is not Canadian! Yay! Multiple countries working together!) I have a link that all Canadians should go to and email a letter to their Representative!

I've already sent mine off!

So if your Canadian and care about copyright law here's the link!


Also I'm busy with a side project right now so I wont be blogging the rest of this week! Sorry if you were waiting for more Bibleman reviews! (not sorry for not posting them now but sorry for you actually caring!)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Bibleman Defeating the Shadow of Doubt last half

Hi I'm Bersercules, the Berserk Herc and today- Shadow of Doubt conclusion. Now where were we? Bibleman is full of doubt but doesn't know its doubt and is using science to figure out what it is.

So not knowing what else to do Bibleman goes back to the little girl to talk to her more... is he just trying to find reasons to talk to her?... he then tells her more bible quotes and she expresses her dissatisfaction with him and God. This causes the Shadow of Doubt who is listening to express his happiness on the subject matter to himself by making punny jokes about it!

Then Ludicrous, the Shadow of Doubts sidekick, pops up breaking the forth wall to point out to the audience the lameness of the jokes the Shadow of Doubts been saying.

What the fridge?! Is this guy trying to take my job? Is he me? Have I transcended reality and am now appearing in this show to mock it?! What the heck?!

This show is really crazy! Almost more messed up then the last one episode! But at least it doesn't have song and dance numbers...

... oh sheet!

So now we get to see his bulge flopping around?

So the Shadow of Doubt starts to dance around with two female minions as back up dancers!... Its one thing to have minions to fight and kidnap people, but making your minions dance behind you in sync? That's evil!

(at least this time the villain is the one dancing and not the kids... leave the kids alone!)

So as they all dance around in unison, a disembodied voice sings a song!... who's singing? Is Satan making an audio appearance? I don't know! but if someones singing a goofy song about the Shadow of Doubt, I wouldn't put it past Satan!

After finishing their song Bibleman shows up... did he wait for them to finish their dance routine before he interrupted them? They fight again (gee I wonder what weapons they use?) and then Bibleman feels doubt and again the villains leave as he gets the upper hand... wow these villains just love to drag things out!... is this video hell itself?

Back at Bibleman's base he tries to deal with his doubt and talks about his doubt and then FINALLY! he realises hes been effected with doubt... quick thinking isn't his forte!

So with his new found information they get ready to go back and face their foe!

And Coats gets his bazooka ready!... So Bibleman uses a sword like the sword of the spirit and Coats uses a BAZOOKA!?... a? um... Bazooka of truth?

Heading back to Shadow of Doubts head quarters ie the community centre... is it okay for him not to warn people that there's dangers in the basement? Anyway before facing the villain Bibleman chats with the little girl, again...

Okay, is no one bothered with Biblemans constant need to keep talking to this little girl?

Anyway Bibleman and Coats head down into the Shadow of Doubts layer with weapons at the ready...

(our Bible Duo ready for action!)

and how affective is Coats gonna be with a bazooka in close quarters?

The Shadow of Doubts minions show up! But they've caught the Shadow of Doubt unprepared in his bathrobe and curlers in his hair...


So they take to fighting their foes! And as Bibleman and Shadow of Doubt fight yet again

Coats uses his bazooka as a melee weapon and fights off two minions.

Wow instead of constant singing like the last episode this one has constant fighting... you'd think that would be a good thing!

So in the end they defeat the Shadow of Doubt (cause he runs off) and they then get a message from the pastor telling them that the little girl is doing great and that her family is getting counselling... so the Bible really didn't win out with this one?

Oh and then Bibleman addresses the audience reminding them that only Jesus is the real hero... so Biblemans one of the false idol the bible warns us of?

So that's it for today!... heck that's it for this week! See you all on Monday... or Tuesday, as I bring you another Bibleman review... yes! Another Bibleman review! Cause Bibleman's so big he takes more then one week to cover!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bibleman Defeating the Shadow of Doubt

Hi I'm Bersercules the Berserk Herc and today is the second instalment of my reviews on the Bibleman show! Today's episode: Defeating the Shadow of Doubt... I doubt this will be good!... and it gives away the end! Now we know he defeats the Shadow of Doubt... that's just lame on top of lame!


Me and this tape...

For this episode the show has become a bit more dark and dynamic, more like a movie then a kids TV show... and does it work? Does the show look cooler and more sleek?

Depends, if you think a man in purple and yellow looks less or more goofy in a more nitty gritty world!

The show starts off in a community centre as people are about to listen to kids singing! Oh crap! Oh no wait! Before were subjected to too much singing and dancing we see into the basement of the community centre where the villain Shadow of Doubt has make his hide out... wow nothing says evil headquarters like a rec centre basement!

We then see that the Shadow of Doubt has a sidekick named Ludicrous and... um... a big bulging nut sack.

Look at that thing! What the ball sack!

A villain in tight blue spandex? Showing off his ball-bulge! What the frick! Whats the doubt hes suppose to cast? Is he suppose to be make kids doubt there sexuality?!

Villain in blue tights... true evil.

We then meet up in the Biblebase as Bibleman's secret identity of Miles Peterson works along side his sidekick Coats.

Wait! What? Bibleman has a sidekick and his name is Coats?! Coats? What kind of name is Coats? That's frickin' stupid! Why would you name your kid Coats? (and if Coats is his hero name then that's just worse!)

So how does a man in army attire relate to the whole bible theme of this show? Is he in Gods army? Does God have a fully decked out military? Does heaven have weapons of mass destruction?

So as our Biblical Duo works in their biblebase they get a message from there computer UNICE (Universal Networking Intelligence Computing Entity) and go to check on it...

They receive a video message from a pastor (Wow the church really wastes money! Why'd he need to use a video message device? He could have just used the phone!) who tells them some of his church congregation has been acting strange and hes mostly concerned with a little girl who's parents have been struggling with arguing.

Sad girl? Bibleman to the rescue!

(also the pastor mentions in his video message that they've been finding odd little black boxes around everywhere... and if it has nothing to do with this episodes villain that would be a real shock!)

And is arguing one of the Bibleman villains too? or does Bibleman not concern himself with adults arguing? Bibleman does tend to favour helping small kids... young preteen girls to be exact...

Bibleman talks to the girl (well actually he just quotes the bible at her) and the girl seems to want more depth of discussion. But thinking the girl might need counselling with her parents is beyond the notice of Bibleman as he continues to quote the bible at her. But the girl doubts things will just get better with just talking and prayer. (Huh, what's she think she can do? Actually actively do something? Dumb little girl! Your life is predetermined and you can't do things for yourself! Just lie back and think of the bible!)

The girl then tells Bibleman that her doubtful feelings hit fruition when she found and opened a little black box in the basement. Bibleman looks at the box and decides to investigate the basement. But before he can get to the basement he is approached by the pastor and asked if there's any way he can help the little girl, Bibleman tells him to pray for her... cause calling a counsellor is just a dumb idea! Quote the bible at her and think about her to yourself... that's how things get done!... Heck that's how I wrote this review!

So Bibleman goes into the basement and looks around, he then finds a little black box and opens it... seriously? The girl said her doubt happened after she opened the box! How does he not realise the box will make him doubt things? What is he an idiot? Did he open up some box earlier that made him dumb as a door nail? Geepers!

So Bibleman is then effected with the boxes doubt power?/smoke?/electricity?/specialeffect?/thingamabob? and then the villain reappears! and we can see his bulge again...

Why God why?! I know Bibleman is about confronting evil, but the evil of his bulge is too much! This is a kids show is it not? Why must kids be subjected to the crotch! Why God why!?

So the two men then break into battle (just hope the villains tights don't break) and fight each other with their lightsabers.

Yeah I'm gonna censer the crotch right now its kind of annoying!

With all the changes from the earlier episode its good they kept these sword battles...
As they fight when ever the Shadow of Doubt says "Doubt" Bibleman feels doubt and is weakened! Eventually when Bibleman is very weak (from hearing the word doubt a lot) the Shadow of Doubt makes his escape leaving Bibleman to wonder why he feels the way he does and whats going on...

Yeah he still doesn't realise the little black box filled him with doubt... How is such a simple thing beyond his grasp? How is he a champion on the side of good and this clueless? Does he not exercise his brain?!

And better yet, why did the Shadow of Doubt not finish him off when he had the chance!?!

So Bibleman heads over to his secret base and trys to analyze what happened to him.

Using computers, microscopes, books, and test tubes...


Will Bibleman ever figure out the Shadow of Doubt made him feel doubt? Will Bibleman ever clue in? Find out tomorrow! Same Berserk Time! Same Berserk Blog!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bibleman vs the Six Lies of the Fibbler the conclusion!

Hi I'm Bersercules the Berserk Herc and today bla bla bla Bibleman!

For those of you who missed yesterdays post here's a picture that sums it up:

And now to our continuation!

As they continue their fight, instead of quoting Star Wars lines, Bibleman quotes lines from the bible! Bibleman then says (in a moment of close combat where their holding their sabers against each other) "I don't know who you are, but one whiff of your foul personality and I know who sent you!"... who send him? The Devil? Is the Fibbler a minion of the Devil?... Satan must be so proud!

So Satan has Hitler killing the Jews and Stalin killing to maintain power and Dommer eating his homosexual lovers and now he has the Fibbler making kids lie!... I think Satan goes too far!

Anyway their battle between good and goofy- er- evil, is then interrupted by a kid rushing out to talk to Bibleman... the Fibbler takes this opportunity to disappear and the girl talks to Bibleman as if seeing two costumed idiots battling each other with swords was the most normal thing in the world! (She's got a messed up view on reality!)

With the Fibbler gone Bibleman heads off to his mansion (all Batman rip offs have mansions!) and looks through his rouge gallery of the stupidest villains ever!

I'm not making those up! Those are who really make up his rouge gallery in this episode!

Here's one I'm just making up!

So the Fibblers first name is The?...

and eventually he finds the Fibbler! Thank god!... no literally he thanks God once he finds this info out!... I guess he needed Gods help to use a computer... Bibleman!

Then Bibleman's secret identity shows up as a... um... teacher? at the kids school and talks to the kids and hears about them having trouble (which he already knew) and then thinks to himself that this is a job for Bibleman... but we already knew that! So did he! So why in the Holy Hell did he think that?!

Did the actor (Willie Aames) insist on saying that line while dressed like that so he could look like Clark Kent? or was this that badly edited and written? or is Satan at work in the plot?...

The show then goes in to song mode as we see all sorts of clips of the little lying girl standing/sitting/lying around/lying down/moping around as a song relative to lying plays...

Giving new meaning to the term Handle Bar Moustache!

The little lying girl walks around sadly then sits at a park and bible man appears

and chats with her...

So there's no dying and suffering people Bibleman can be helping?

Just some girl who can't stop lying? Glad Bibleman has his priorities straight!

And how does Bibleman help the girl? By quoting the bible! (Didn't see that coming!)

So Bibleman sets the girl right and she goes off and tells her friends shes sorry! Bibleman confronts the Fibbler again and defeats him with the power of God! Oh no wait, sorry, no!
The Fibbler hits himself in the leg with his sword and defeats himself.

But don't worry, I'm sure Bibleman will take credit for the victory.

And then the kids dance and sing in unison again.

I think the makers of this show over read peoples desires to watch kids dance in unison...

So that's it, its now the end... and remember kids if you find yourself lying, don't worry! its not your fault! Its a jaundice faced invisible, Joker rip off, that's making you lie!
That's it for to day, tune in tomorrow for another exiting(ly boring) episode of Bibleman!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bibleman vs the Six Lies of the Fibbler

Hi I'm Bersercules, the Berserk Herc! And today is my first instalment of my reviews of the show Bibleman!

Our hero everyone!

So here is the first of the episodes I have on tape!

...still don't know why I'm bragging about this...
This one is called the Six Lies of the Fibbler! Wow... what a cool title!

So it starts out as some kids sing and dance in unison on a front porch.... what?

So this is what kids get up to these days?... and I thought kids getting into drugs was bad!

As the quartet finishes their song the fifth member of their quintuple arrives and they question her as to why shes late.

This causes villain known as the Fibbler (who just happened to be watching the kids as they sang... which is really weird/creepy if you think about it but I'm gonna ignore it) to use his evil powers to make the young girl lie to her friends... Wow! What a great way to use your villainous powers! To hell with acquiring money and power! Manipulating little girls to lie is where its at! (He'll soon take over the world!)

So the young girl lies to her friends in the way many kids lie to avoid admitting their faults... so is kids lying always cause of the Fibbler?

Is this show indicating that kids don't lie on purpose as a defence mechanism but instead cause some jaundice faced Joker rip-off is making them lie with his lying powers? Are kids then blameless victims? Are we not suppose to get mad if kids lie? The message in this show is very unclear! Just like the bible!... is that their intention?

And then out of nowhere Bibleman shows up!

He just magically fricken appears! (even though they never say he has teleportation powers and he never does this again!)

Apparently he was praying and felt lead to come by and encourage them on their singing (that's what he actually says). He then stands around with the kids and quotes the bible to them to help give them encouragement with their singing and dancing.

The show then skips forward to the kids big performance! And we are treated to the kids once again singing and dancing... thanks.

Oh and here's a clip of what makes up their audience.

Yep, just what I expected their audience to be, big fat weird guys! (who happen to look a lot like me...)

So they finish there first set of the night and go back stage to congratulate them selves and-

Wait? The Fibblers hiding in plain sight now? Holy Cow! They can't see him? He's right there! Geepers! He makes Waldo look like an amateur! Is the Fibbler some sort of master ninja that can hide in plain sight? or is he invisible to everyone? and if he can be invisible why was he hiding behind a tree earlier? This is very incoherent... (at least its accurate to the source material!)

So their pasture?/manager?/random man?/music big wig? shows up and tells the kids he needs the audio tape for their second song, and of course it was our little lying girls job to bring it and she forgot... so the Fibbler enters her mind and makes her lie again blaming one of the others for not bringing the tape... but who made her forget to bring the tape?... the Forgetter?!

Remember kids if you impulsively lie its not your fault! Its cause some jaundice faced, invisible, Joker rip-off is making you lie!

The pasture?/manager?/random man?/music big wig? tells everyone the rest of the show is cancelled and everyone is sad about the news and gets up to go mingle and Bibleman hangs out with a group of small children...

I guess that's how he keeps his spirits up!

Bibleman then sees the Fibler and chases him outside where they then battle each other...

with their lightsabers... very biblical!

Will the battle at the end of days look like this?

So will Bibleman be victorious over the vile Fibbler? Will he stop that little girl from lying? Find out same Berserk time, same Berserk channel, but tomorrow, cause this post is going on far to long...