Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bibleman vs the Six Lies of the Fibbler

Hi I'm Bersercules, the Berserk Herc! And today is my first instalment of my reviews of the show Bibleman!

Our hero everyone!

So here is the first of the episodes I have on tape!

...still don't know why I'm bragging about this...
This one is called the Six Lies of the Fibbler! Wow... what a cool title!

So it starts out as some kids sing and dance in unison on a front porch.... what?

So this is what kids get up to these days?... and I thought kids getting into drugs was bad!

As the quartet finishes their song the fifth member of their quintuple arrives and they question her as to why shes late.

This causes villain known as the Fibbler (who just happened to be watching the kids as they sang... which is really weird/creepy if you think about it but I'm gonna ignore it) to use his evil powers to make the young girl lie to her friends... Wow! What a great way to use your villainous powers! To hell with acquiring money and power! Manipulating little girls to lie is where its at! (He'll soon take over the world!)

So the young girl lies to her friends in the way many kids lie to avoid admitting their faults... so is kids lying always cause of the Fibbler?

Is this show indicating that kids don't lie on purpose as a defence mechanism but instead cause some jaundice faced Joker rip-off is making them lie with his lying powers? Are kids then blameless victims? Are we not suppose to get mad if kids lie? The message in this show is very unclear! Just like the bible!... is that their intention?

And then out of nowhere Bibleman shows up!

He just magically fricken appears! (even though they never say he has teleportation powers and he never does this again!)

Apparently he was praying and felt lead to come by and encourage them on their singing (that's what he actually says). He then stands around with the kids and quotes the bible to them to help give them encouragement with their singing and dancing.

The show then skips forward to the kids big performance! And we are treated to the kids once again singing and dancing... thanks.

Oh and here's a clip of what makes up their audience.

Yep, just what I expected their audience to be, big fat weird guys! (who happen to look a lot like me...)

So they finish there first set of the night and go back stage to congratulate them selves and-

Wait? The Fibblers hiding in plain sight now? Holy Cow! They can't see him? He's right there! Geepers! He makes Waldo look like an amateur! Is the Fibbler some sort of master ninja that can hide in plain sight? or is he invisible to everyone? and if he can be invisible why was he hiding behind a tree earlier? This is very incoherent... (at least its accurate to the source material!)

So their pasture?/manager?/random man?/music big wig? shows up and tells the kids he needs the audio tape for their second song, and of course it was our little lying girls job to bring it and she forgot... so the Fibbler enters her mind and makes her lie again blaming one of the others for not bringing the tape... but who made her forget to bring the tape?... the Forgetter?!

Remember kids if you impulsively lie its not your fault! Its cause some jaundice faced, invisible, Joker rip-off is making you lie!

The pasture?/manager?/random man?/music big wig? tells everyone the rest of the show is cancelled and everyone is sad about the news and gets up to go mingle and Bibleman hangs out with a group of small children...

I guess that's how he keeps his spirits up!

Bibleman then sees the Fibler and chases him outside where they then battle each other...

with their lightsabers... very biblical!

Will the battle at the end of days look like this?

So will Bibleman be victorious over the vile Fibbler? Will he stop that little girl from lying? Find out same Berserk time, same Berserk channel, but tomorrow, cause this post is going on far to long...



  1. I read this in your voice, that helps. I will be happy if that is what the end of days looks like. It makes me want to be sure I don't get sent up by the rapture so I can see that.

  2. Good bloody gravy, did this have seasons or just a single run.....

  3. Part of me wonders if those kids weren't on drugs or something in the first place to be out on the porch singing.

    "Yep, just what I expected their audience to be, big fat weird guys! (who happen to look a lot like me...)" This line cracked me up so much, haha!

    Can't wait until tomorrow's review to see who wins the epic duel of the last century.

  4. I'm not sure what The Fibbler looks most like; an Oompa Loompa crossed with Pee Wee Herman, or a Dr Seuss abortion.

  5. pshhh...who said that light sabers can't be biblical?! lol Who knew Darth Vader was a man of faith? haha

  6. If that's what the end of days looks like, then I really don't know who's side I'll be on....

  7. The Fibbler definitely looks creepy!! I can't say I've even heard of Bibleman...

  8. Take over the world? OF COURSE.

  9. LOL wow your evil twin was in the audience, I guess next time he dons the stache you should question him on that. I agree my first thought was an oompa loompa pee wee herman too. But boy can he blend in, he has chameleon like qualities there..haha

  10. hahahah hillarious. great share man

  11. Biblical lightsabers, ooooo yeah. I kind of want to own this shitty video now. :)

  12. lmfao how in the hell do u find this stuff. oh man thats hilarious

  13. They've got this all wrong. They must be Protestants. Christ, don't they know we lie because of Original Sin? And no evil can get into a church, well maybe a Protestant one. Letting this kid off the hook for lying is just wrong. She should be doing penance. And it takes a Priest and Holy Water to fight evil. Haven't these people seen The Exorcist?

    1. Those Protestants, up to no good as usual!!

  14. HAHA why do you have this on tape? Actually, I'm glad you do because that looks like the most amazing show ever.
    The bibleman looks awesome. The Fibbler looks like a cross between an oompa loompa and The Joker.

  15. @Everyone Thanks for all the great comments everyone!

  16. The Fibbler.... bahahahaha how many Batman villans can they rip off at once?

    Amazing review as always mister Herc.

  17. pure comedy and probably responsible for inadvertently turning young bible kids into atheists. I love it!

  18. lol that show sounds crazy

    thanks for letting me win the contest btw :)

  19. I can't wait to see what their pubescent villain The Jerker looks like.

  20. I like the fact that I don't have to watch this show now. You've brought more in your review than the whole .005 seasons of 'bibleman' ever could.

  21. Nice I like the saber wars

  22. I'm pretty sure watching the actual show isn't half as funny as reading this. Oh, and also, like, OH THE TENSION!

  23. Very funny review man! I bet the show sucks so hard but you somehow find a way to make it funny!

  24. WTB videos :(

    So the fibbler is the 'cause of kids lying? Lucas tells me that he lies because he doesn't want to get in trouble.

  25. have you ever seen The Tribe? Weird tv show from New Zealand my friends and I used to watch in high school. No one this side of the hemisphere sems to have heard of it, but it was brilliant. And according to my friends, my twin was in it (I'm not sure about twins, but maybe a slight resemblance...). You should do a review.

    Aaaaand speaking of twins, your doppleganger has started working out at my gym...


  26. the fibber looks really horrifying in those stills

  27. I like your video reviews better. Then I don't have to read stuff

  28. Give the Fibbler a double-lightsaber, and he could easily be Darth Maul with enough contrast setting on the TV. I can't wait to see the conclusion.

  29. Bibleman - what does he feel about teenage sex? Will he stone the guilty?

  30. Dude, you're going to WHAT?! Watch and review all of them?

    I, That Bastard, now salute you sir. I can now proudly say that I have met a man with more intestinal fortitude than my august and inglorious self.

    Man, just no. Bibleman's costume alone got me, but then you had the Fibbler? The Fibber? Whatever his name is...and lightsabers OF HOLY INSPIRATION AND DIVINE JUSTICE, and naaaaw mang.

    Hell, I probably would've enjoyed the series MORE if they had actually called out their attacks and weapons and stuff like that. "SCRIPT OF SAUL, CLOAK ME WITH THINE TRUTH! I PRAY UNTO JESUS, COME FORTH OH SWORD OF GOD'S WRATH!"

    Hell, a single "BEHOLD, THE POWER OF GOD'S MIGHT: THE LANCE OF LONGINUS!" would've made it watchable.

    But you go do what you do, m'man. This is exactly why I started following you, so I don't have to watch this crap again. Heh.

  31. Oh Bibleman. Why are you so terrible? LOL

  32. lol looks like the bad dude has Jaundice

  33. I cannot stop laughing from those pictures!

  34. I guess all politicians are Fibbler's mind slaves. They just kept spouting lies, one after another.

  35. Wow! Lengthy post! I don't usually bother reading things that long!

    Great stuff