Thursday, 5 January 2012

In which I answer questions.

YeamieWaffles posted a blog yesterday answering questions that were sent to him by fellow blogger Anne, he then made a list of questions and asked me (and some others) to answer them! And of course, I will!

That's the problem with having a TV show related blog, I don't get to talk about myself enough! And I love to talk about myself!

So hear they are YeamieWaffles questions (and my answers).

Question One- Sadly you're forced into competing in a fight with famous boxing legend Mike Tyson (actually, this ain't sad, I like a challenge!) in his prime. (oh and yes I will be interrupting the questions to add comments like this... cause that's the kind of guy I am!) Before fighting him in the ring however you're allowed to pick three other bloggers who would come out individually to fight Mike before you had to (you mean to weaken him?) you know, with the intention of weakening him or beating him so you'll have an easy fight or won't have to. (okay I get it!) Who do you pick to fight Mike?

Answer One- No one. I fight my own battles. Besides I like a good fight! Sure he could devastate me, but if I can hold my ground for two punches, that's something to write home to!

(Dear Home, Mike Tyson beat the crap out of me in two punches! Ha! what a loser! He couldn't take me down in one! Punches from boxers are suppose to be like hits from a sledge hammer!)

Question Two- What super power would you pick? (the ability to control peoples minds!... oh your not done with the question yet... sorry!) The ability to read minds, to teleport to anywhere you want to three times a day, to see everything you touch turn into gold or to turn into a cockroach on a whim (that's not really a power though but still!)? (that last in brackets line was YeamieWaffles comment, not mine, I think that power is cool!)

Answer Two- Well since I don't need to go places and I wouldn't wanna turn my girlfriend into gold, I'm gonna say read minds!... Okay I admit it! I'm not picking it cause its better than the other choices. I'm picking it cause its one of the powers I'd love the most! I would love to intrude on peoples private lives and read there mind! Its the ultimate voyeur power! (I'm very voyeuristic!)

Question Three- Some record company bigwig phones you up and orders you to feature with any musician (really? He can't be that much of a bigwig if he thinks I have musical talent!) alive or dead (Dead? Like zombie music? That sounds like it would be cool!) in their next album. Which musician do you pick? (sentence not fully correct but gist gotten, answer commencing.)

Answer Three- Les Claypool (bassist and lead singer of Primus)

And the music we'd do is like the song like Delicate Tendrils, where Henry Rollins spoke words and Les Claypool played music! I think that would be the awesomest! Me talking on and on about something as Les Claypool plays the bass! (see I told you I love to talk on and on!)

Question Four- Can you draw? If so draw me however you interpret me, it's fine if you can't!

Answer Four- Yes. Sure, here.

Question Five- What would you rather be? A bar or a car? (My best friend Ryan once asked this question during "open mic" night at a bar and the confused faces made back at him were hilarious.) (again that last bit was YeamieWaffles not me!)

Answer Five- If by bar you mean a pub then a bar, if by bar you mean a metal bar (like one you can hit someone with) then a bar. (yeah I just wanted you to know I'd take either over being a car! I don't wanna get ridden! Besides having drunk girls parting in me seems cool! And who wouldn't wanna be a murder weapon?!)

Question Six- Um, could you tell us something about your past that nobody on here knows yet?

Answer Six- Yes I could.

So those are YeamieWaffles questions! And even thou Anne didn't include me in the list of people to answer her questions, I'm gonna answer them anyway! Cause I love answering questions!... about myself.

1. What celebrity would you most like to shag and why?

Though I don't think my girlfriend would like me fucking around on her, if I could shag one celebrity it would be Britney Spears. Yeah she's not that appealing anymore but I've wanted to do her since I was a teenager and I think it would be cool to be able to say, "I hit that!" next time I hear the song "...One more time".

2. In the event of a zombie attack, what politician would you be willing to use as a human shield?

Though I hate many politicians, I wouldn't use any of them as a shield. I'm not the kind of person who would do that to others. I always walk tall.

3. Rate the survivability of at least 3 fellow bloggers if they are attacked by zombies.

Well if there was a zombie attack I'm sure our armies and gun nuts everywhere would solve the problem quick, so I guess its all up to how long you can stay in doors and avoid danger while others kill zombies.

First blogger Mark. 10/10 He can stay indoors for days, he'd be safe!

Second blogger YeamieWaffles. 10/10 I think he'd be able to stay indoors as the zombies got cleaned up!

Third blogger Anne. 3/10 Lets face it, with all her drum playing she'd draw all the zombies to her house! and if she saw a cool looking zombie she'd be outside trying to take a picture of it! She wouldn't last long.

4. If you could reanimate just one dead person from history, who would it be?

Bobby Sheehan (the bassist for Blues Traveler) They're one of my favourite bands and they haven't been the same since his death. I'd want him back and hope he'd rejoin the band.

5. Would you be willing to take this person out to a pub? Why or why not?

Well he did die of a drug over dose so a pub might not be the best place for him to be and I haven't drank in two years so I wouldn't wanna go there either.

6. In the event of a nuclear holocaust, would you be willing to eat cockroaches to survive?

Yes. Hell I'd eat cockroaches to win a bet. And double Hell! I'd eat dead people if I had too! Mmm mmm soylent green!

And that's it for Anne's questions... but what the heck! Here's some questions from me for me to answer!

1) What is your name?

Caleb Wallace

2) What is your favourite colour?


3) What is your mission?

I seek the grail-- wait, no!---------------------


  1. Fabulous! Britney Spears though oooh, oooh, oooh. She'll give you crabs. The picture of Matthew is great. He'll love it. Your play on the word "bar" cracked me up. And the comment on Matthew and Mark being able to stay inside was priceless. Now that leaves you giving me a 3 out of 10 survivability. You could be right, but you're not. I'd draw the bastards to me then kill 'em. I'm Irish remember, you think I don't have weapons? I'm gonna answer Matthews questions too. I'm having fun with this!

  2. Hey, I asked Matthew if he'd care to join some of us down on Twitter. I know some people hate Twitter, but there's quite a few of us on there now and we tweet each other at least once a day. It's a fun way to talk directly to each other instead of just through comments. Think about it, I'd love to get to know both of you better.

  3. I'm off the hospital right now, but I'll be in tomorrow and I hope to have time to post something.

  4. Haha, I love this post so much buddy. The drawing is so awesome I've saved it and I'm sorely tempted to use it as a banner or something if that's okay? Reading minds would definitely be the one I'd pick maybe just even because the cockroach and the gold powers are so undesirable. I loved your annotations as well.

    There's one thing I need to ask though, on the question about featuring with a musician is my English wrong or something in it? I'd just like to know if I messed up on it so I can get it fixed, I never ever proof read so I know I must make mistakes pretty frequently! Great stuff anyway man.

  5. Oh and Bersecules writing about himself is something I'm pretty fond off, I love your style of writing. More would be nice man, though I love the reviews too though so idk!

  6. @Anne Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah Britney would give me crabs but thats okay, I'd sell them on ebay to the highest bidder! I don't doubt you'd fight and kill many zombies, but it just takes one coming up behind you to take you down!

    @Anne I don't use twitter much (I used it once when I started this blog and went back once... I miss spelt Bersercules as besercules cause I hadn't figured how I was gonna spell the word at the time.) I don't have a cellphone to check on tweets easily (cause I think thats how most people do it) I spend all day (no 9to5 job for me, just blogging and cartooning and being poor!) at home on the computer. I check my messages often so it always feels like I'm chating with someone! (even bloggers who don't comment much on stuff who I have long talks with through emails) I could try the twitter thing, but you'll have to tell me how to use it properly.

    @Anne I hope your husbands doing well and gets better soon.

    @YeamieWaffles Glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to use it as a banner! (if you want I could rework it to different demensions!) When ever someone asks people to answer questions I always wanna hear the asker answer them! You should answer your own questions! I think that would be fun to read!

    Some record company bigwig phones you up and orders you to feature with any musician alive or dead in their next album. Which musician do you pick?

    I don't know if its actually wrong. It sounds wrong to me. But I might not know what all the meanings of feature are (I barely graduated high school). I think the question should be:

    Some record company bigwig phones you up and orders you to BE featureD with any musician alive or dead in their next album. Which musician do you pick?


    Some record company bigwig phones you up and tells you he wants to feature you with any musician living or dead on an album. Which musician do you pick?

    With your question the owner ship of the album is obsure too. Is it gonna be the album of who ever you pick and you have a song on it or is it your album and their on it for a song.

    I know what you mean about not proof reading things. I didn't start proof reading anything till I was in my mid twenties!

    @YeamieWaffles Thanks! I think I might fill up the time between reviews with writing! Thanks!

    and to be that young man again I'm publishing this post with out proof reading it

  7. Maybe you're right about that sentence, idk. If someone does a feature I assume they work in the song but I guess I'm going to change it! Because like you say, I'm not even sure if it's right or not!

  8. I dunno, the cockroach thing might be cool. It could be a lot like getting your wish when you say I wish I had been a fly on the wall during THAT conversation, but of course it would be more like I wish I had been a cockroach on the floor instead, but then again, if you had the ability to read minds you wouldn't really need to be a cockroach on the floor AKA fly on the wall now would ya?? Good call. I think you definitely made the right decision on that one!!

  9. That's a lot of questions and good answers, I have to do the Anne questions yet!

  10. How do magnets work?

  11. Gotta respect the love for purple! My favorite color as well. I liked this, always good to learn more about the Herc.

  12. if you're lucky, maybe tyson don't bite your ear off :D

  13. Wow when you really tell people stuff you really tell people stuff..haha...mind reading is only good though if you can switch it on and off. If you can't I wouldn't want that.

  14. I'd use people as shields. Not because it was required, but because I'm kind of a dick!

  15. "What celebrity would you most like to shag and why?"
    I've answered that one over at Anne's even though she didn't ask me LOL :)

  16. Wow! I enjoyed reading that long post from beginning to end. Laughed at the zombie question, especially the part about Anne. It has been a while since you wrote something on your blog since you usually post videos these days. I'm glad your writing style haven't dulled one bit.

    Also, nice drawing. You should draw more like that.

  17. Purple? Mind Reading? I'd go with blue and wolverine claws.

  18. This was a funny post! I actually enjoyed reading it, and I'm not normally in the mood for longer posts like this. So nice :D

  19. @YeamieWaffles We need to ask someone else!

    @Lil Dreamer You make a good point with the cockroach thing. If the cockroach can hear human speach! I don't know if flys can actually hear sound either! Good thing about being a cockroach would be I could live for days after being decapitated!

    @The Angry Lurker I can't wait to hear your answers!

    @My 2 Pesos Theres over 9000 answers to that question! Whats the hardest metal?

    @Sub-Radar-Mike Glad you liked it! I'm surprized more people don't like purple! Its almost all colours! Bright, dark, manly, girly, its everything!

    @Vulcan Raven I'd rub my ears with poison before I steped in the ring!

    @Pat Hatt I do love to talk! and your right if I couldn't turn of my mind reading powers it would be crazy and I'd end up living in a cave!

    @heddin Good to know!

    @DEZMOND I read it! You say you'd do thousands but give no names! I wanna hear a list!

    @Lord Phrozen Glad you liked the post! My writing doesn't dull cause I'm always writing the video reviews and making jokes all day everyday! Thanks, glad you like the drawing! I'd draw more but I don't always know what to draw!

    @Copyboy Wolverine claws? Sounds cool! (but with out healing power your hands would become scares!)

    @R Nice comment!

  20. Purple is one of my favourite colours too. I think my brain shut down though. As for the zombies, well what if they just break in? Or are these stupid zombies that won't think of that? Oh and thank you for not throwing me at Mike Tyson, I think it would be an honour to survive more than one punch by him too. Provided of course that he didn't bite your ear off. Nothing's stopping you really from taking a day of reviewing and writing a bit more personal.

  21. @D4 Thanks glad you enjoyed it! I too don't always like reading really long posts! But I do love to go on about myself!

    @Mark Good to know purples popular! and your right theres so many types of zombies! who knows what kind they'd be!... if they were real! (the more I talk of zombies the more it seems like it could happen but zombies is less likely to happen then Jurrasic Park!) And your right I could post other crap! there are no rules in blogging!

  22. Your answer two scared the hell out of me. I am never looking at you, unless you sign something like I do with my shrink.
    Loved the Q&A.

  23. @meandmythinkingcap What number two? I answered two sets of questions? Is it cause I wouldn't us a person as a human sheild or cause I'd like to read peoples minds to spy on them? Oh! I know its the spying one!

  24. These are great! Love to follow a blogger who actually enjoys and puts work in his blog. Thank you for the read.

  25. Well. if you wanted to beat mike, you should've bit his ear off before he bites yours!

  26. I'm surprised. Purple is your favorite color and you don't want somebody to ride you?

  27. @Based Glad you liked it!

    @annoymouse thats a good point!

    @Heaven. I like to be the rider! haha!

  28. Come on, you can do better than Britney Spears

  29. @Shaw We can all do better then Britney Spears. But that wouldn't stop me.

  30. This went extremely well Bersercules. I think we all like your writing as much as we like your videos. Do more!!! (I understand about the Twitter thing, it's not everyone's cuppa)

  31. If you last two punches you can say you lasted longer than Stu from the Hangover. :) And that guy is in a wolfpack.

  32. lol excellent entertaining post. i especially liked the mike tyson question

  33. lol i laughed throughout most of this post

  34. I consider myself to be a pretty decent person, but I'd still use a politician as a shield in a zombie attack.

  35. Good choice on Les Claypool. :) I used to hate Primus, especially when my old roommates went through their Primus phase. But at some point towards the end of that phase, I started to like the music...

    And you don't think I would survive a zombie attack??!? GUESS WHO I'LL BE EATING FIRST WHEN I GET TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE


  36. Good answers! I think being able to read minds would be horrifying though, or at least get boring. Takes all the fun out of interacting with people! (Lol yeah, because I socialize so much.)

    Teleportation, though... it's a long way to the bathroom. And I have to pee a few times a day. I think that's right up my alley.

  37. Awesome answers. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks.

  38. The last one with the grail had me cracking up.... also, very good answers all around! And kudos to Anne and Waffles for coming up with the questions too!

  39. Not the longet post, but it came close. Maybe you would like to try again?