Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I love getting pictures sent to me!

Hi fellow bloggers! Yesterday I received a great picture from Mich and I just had to share it with you all! Here it is:

Its me and her as My Little Pony's! Yay! (If you remember I reviewed My Little Pony recently cause she asked me too!) I love how my hair looks in this picture! I look so rugged and handsome as a pony! (and damn my smirk is sexy!) Is it weird that I think she looks so cute as a pony? (I know its weird I like how I look as a pony!)

And since Anne (in yesterdays post) asked me to post another video I will... but its an old one. I'm not making new videos right now as my life is a bit hectic, but I will be making lots of written reviews for next week! (cause they're so easy to make! and so fun!)
Here's the video!:

I hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Hey convictus I can't seem to comment on your blog posts! (been unsuccessful for two days now!) I don't know if its blogger, me, or your blog but I wanted to let you know why I wasn't posting there! (your topic today is particularly good!)



  1. the phrase "i look so rugged and handsome as a pony" made me laugh way too much

  2. Wow, you stud you!! Great anthropomorphism, but Mich's face looks a bit horsey to me!


    couldn't resist!

  3. horses and ponies aren't that cute in real life... they have this odor that just sticks to your clothes....

    but i'd love to go horse-back-riding again ^_^

  4. This review is awesome man, I love your girlfriend's gardening attire, it just helps to emphasise how ridiculous this film is. Your reaction to the guy's horrible plan is hilarious too, I laughed pretty hard. WHY DID THEY STOP TO SLEEP FOR THE NIGHT?

    I'm still watching this and have no idea why they just let Ivan take those girls away, I mean come on, four of them could have beat the one guy, this was amazing.

    I love Mich's drawing as well, she's great at this kind of thing!

  5. LOL you're the Fonz of ponies. Just watch it when you "sit on it" as ponies tend to go where ever they wish and you might feel a squish..LOL

    And my god, that movie looked completely awful..haha

  6. i love you and Mich as ponies! Yay! Thanks so much for posting the pic! She did one of me and her on the beach which i treasure, but i don't have the apps to show!

  7. I don't think we mind written reviews. The hectic life thing? I understand.

  8. I just watched your My Little Pony review below. I'm still cracking up!! When you called the elf a red head I almost died! hahaha You are funnyyy :P

  9. Hey, this review wasn't called Man Lies in Bed!

  10. You are the most drawn man on the blogosphere. I saw the comment where Mich said she would do this and she did a great job. Your smile is so sexy and now you have a sexy smile and a sexy arse. Your living proof that being a nice guy does pay off with the ladies! I remember seeing the beginning of this movie years ago and turning it off. Christ, I'm glad I did. Five minutes of zombies? And lame zombies too. And by the way, did you butter her cup?

  11. @Leon Kennedy Glad to hear that!

    @Lil Dreamer Thanks! But just to make it clear, Mich drew that picture not me!

    @Indistinctive Writer I wonder what the little ponys smell like!

    @YeamieWaffles Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie! It was quite a great coinsedence that my girlfriend just happened to own that dress! And your right Mich is a very tallented artist! (I liked her picture of you and her together she did!)

    @Pat Hatt Your right I am the Fonz of Ponys! (and maybe the Fabio too!) The movie was the worst! Which is why it made a good review!

    @tracy Glad you liked it! Mich definitly is fantastic at drawing!

    @T. Roger Thomas Thanks!

    @D4 Glad to hear it! And Glad to hear that too!

    @Jax Glad you enjoyed the review!

    @Henry Yeah I'm a liar. (Just kidding I realised if I called the review that people who look up the movie wouldn't find my review in the related search results. Its me compromising my art for marketing. In a perfect world though, the review is called "Man Lies in Bed")

  12. @Anne You might be right! I might be the most drawn guy around. (I might have to hold a draw Bersercules contest!) Being a nice guy does pay off with some ladies! (and those are the only ladys that count!)
    And yes I buttered her cup.

  13. Yay for the return of Buttercup Twinkletoes. Oddly enough Buttercup Twinkletoes sounds like the name of a Pony from My Little Pony. I love the picture too.

    I spotted Waldo!

  14. You know why that pony looks weird? It has no beard.

    How can it be you without a beard. Seriously. :P

  15. Mich draws quite a handsome pony! Must have been the inspiration that did it haha.

    I'm also having trouble posting on convictus/homelife's blog, weird.

  16. that's far more talented at mspaint than I am

  17. You're one attractive mare sir.....

  18. I feel like John Waters should remake that movie.

  19. Thank you for giving me your email address. That's so nice of you. I'm assuming it is real. I'll send you an email in the next few days and test it out. And never say the word contest to me, I love to compete!

  20. great stuff dude a nice read! now following

  21. Let us make it official. You have my approval to open a new channel for reviews at least own YouTube channel would do little justice

  22. Sorry to hear about the posting. I don't think I did anything dumb. I did forget to put a title on one of the posts, but other than that certs me. Please don't become a brony, my heart can only take so much.

  23. @Mark Yay! Buttercup Twinkletoes is back! Sorta! I think its the same exact sceen just with the extra long end... yeah the making out part was just me and my girlfriend having fun and then months (or half a year) later I realized I could use that scene as a new joke! I love to recycle!

    (Waldo appears twice not counting when I point him out!)

    @DWei Good point!... except I don't have a beard right now so it is accurate!

    @Sub-Radar-Mike I think your right! And I'm finding it hard to post on most peoples blogs! I'll have to post about it tomorrow!

    @Erixsson You are definitly correct! Mich is great!

    @Electric Addict Shes better then both of us!

    @carl the blogger I concur!

    @The Angry Lurker Why thank you kind sir!

    @Mich Oddly enough if I could remake one movie this would be it! Its quite a fun idea!

    @Generally Disgruntled Kids always saving things and catching criminals! Those bastards!

    @Anne I hope to hear from you soon! Contest contest contest!

    @Jay You're right there!

    @MadTingz Glad you enjoyed!

    @meandmythinkingcap I actually have two YouTube channels! One for old movie reviews and one for new(ish) TV show reviews!

  24. @convictus I think its blogger who is screwed up. Its happening to lots of sites I follow!

    Don't worry I wont become a brony, I saw one episode of the show and I know its not for me!

  25. Poor ponies. Are they sick? :P

  26. cool find, I like this blog. gonna follow from now on :)

  27. Cute ponies. I`m having problems with commenting as well. Refresh usually makes it okay.

  28. Oh my god! You're a little pony playa!
    Does your girlfriend know you've been trotting around with other horses??

  29. Nice draw in my opinion, master use of mspaint!

  30. The actors are bad, the script writers are bad, and the movie is a giant piece of garbage. I was raging like you in my own way while watching this.

    Btw, aren't all ponies female? Are there male ponies in the show?