Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tremors the TV show.

Tremors wasn't only a movie it was a TV show! But is that good?

I loved the movie Tremors. I love TV. They made a TV show out of Tremors. Sounds good? Well maybe.

Here's how I think the idea came about.

It probably went like this:

Executive one - Tremors 1-3 are very popular movies lets make it an hour long TV show!

Executive two - Good idea! I love ideas for TV shows that are already established!

Executive one - Fuck new ideas!

So there it is! They made a TV show about it.

But they had no budget.

They couldn't get all the surviving cast members so you only get some characters.

They couldn't get guns for Bert Gummer's gun collection, so they wrote he was bankrupt.

They couldn't have to many special effects so the monsters barely appear and when they do appear its the same shot used multiple times.

They took a fun monster fighting movie and took out the fighting and the monsters and that ain't fun!

Yup movies about killing monsters in a small town turns in to a TV show about people living in a small town who occasionally deal with monsters and monster related things.

Wow now that's must see TV!
I don't know why it only lasted one season!

Can you imagine if they did that with other movies? What about a TV show based on the movie the Seven Samurai?
Its just after the surviving samurai leave, the village goes back to normal and they harvest their grain... and that's it. Just villagers harvesting grain and making food and chatting. Maybe the one guy (Rikichi) with the dead wife starts dating again! Heck maybe he dates Shino and Manzo worries his daughter might become a full blown slut! BUT WHO CARES!


  1. hahaha

    email me!
    idk how to message you so.. message me! for the shirt!

  2. It sounds awesome, under budgeted monster killing villagers? Sign me in. Too bad it only lasted a season.

  3. Didn't know that a Tremors TV show existed but I did like the movie though.

  4. I vaguely remember Tremors

  5. It was corny at times, but not too bad.

  6. Oh my days, I didn't even know this was a show...must.find.dvd's....

  7. how could i not know about this t.v. show. i grew up watching all the tremors movies. the only one i haven't seen is the one that takes place back in the old west.

  8. I need to look for this. looks so bad it might be good

  9. I didn't know there was a show o.0
    I've watched the film though o;

  10. sounds interesting, i used to love the movies when i was younger haha

  11. I never saw the movie and never heard of the show.

  12. Too bad there isnt many episodes!

  13. Hahaha "fuck it, we'll do it live!"
    All about revolving the plot around your budget. "Listen guys we spent all our money on submarine sandwiches so this week none of your characters are gonna do shit. Don't worry we saved some money for yarn. Who here has knitting needles?"

  14. What? Are you serious?
    I'm looking for that show right away!!

  15. I don't know why it lasted 1 season either! D:

  16. hahah. that is awesome. never seen the movie but i should.

  17. When I have things get ruined for me, people tend to enjoy it. It feels nice to be on the other side.

  18. Lol it's funny how creative people in need of money get

  19. ha ha great post keep them coming

  20. They really made a "Tremors" TV show?!? How can they stretch that concept into a show? It was already getting thin by the third movie.

  21. Seen the movies but had no idea a series was made of it.

  22. I've seen only the first movie. What do you think about the sequels?
    The series sounds pretty bad.

  23. @Bob The first three movies where good (the first is the best) the next two reinvent them selves each time so you never know what to expect!
    Although the first one is best the third one is funniest! Funny without being silly!
    I recomend watching the second and third if you liked the first one!
    There is a forth one but it rides on the TV show and is just as lame as the TV show!