Monday, 5 September 2011

The Beverly Hillbillies

Beverly Hillbillies

Its a show about a hillbilly, and no its not a precursor to the Dukes of Hazzard or Beverly Hills 90210, who finds oil in the ground of his hillbilly swampland and becomes a millionaire.

He then moves his family to the city and they clash with all the fancy snobs in California and end up doing stupid hick things with all there money! And how far does the stupidity go? Beyond them just doing stupid stuff with there cash and being confuse about modern appliances such as TVs and electric razors! The stupidity of the show is woven into the fabric of the show its self.

Just take the cast for instance.

There's Jed Clampett as the father and millionaire hillbilly, his mother an old crazy lady named Daisy May Moses, his young tomboy daughter Elle May Clampett, his nephew a young man named Jethro and his niece (and twin sister to Jethro) named Jethrine, who is played by the same actor as Jethro.

I'll let that sink in a moment.

Yup. Jethrine is a female character played by a man in drag. The same man who plays a different character in the show!

No, its not some fake thing in the show like Jethro pretends to have a sister to impress a woman or he dresses like a girl to satisfy his homo sexual tendencies.

It flat out is a different character. A fucking ugly similarly looking but completely different character.

Here's a picture.

And that's it for now, you all come back now ya hear!


  1. They could give their money to me, it´s not a stupid thing to do. ahaha
    Also, you blog´s name´s awesome.

  2. This really seems funny. :D

  3. I'd heard of the Beverly Hillbillies but didn't know what it was actually about. As creepy as having a male actor play his characters female twin sister would have easily saved on costs.

    But still very creepy.

  4. Jetro= Jetrinhe?
    Yeah, I wouldn't watch that. :D

  5. My dad loves this show. I never really cared much for it.

  6. Classic show, gotta love the 'billies.

  7. Same actor in two very different roles. GASP HOW DARE HE!?

  8. never saw the show but i saw the movies

  9. I never knew there were different characters like that. Shows how much I paid attention. Guess I was just waiting for the next commercial break to pay attention.

  10. ha. I used to watch the reruns to this show On Fox 11 after I Love Lucy in the mornings. Super nostalgia!

  11. yeah... sounds just like the new one , step by step

  12. followed. I'm the 99th :p
    nice blog