Friday, 30 September 2011

Thundarr the Barbarian Part Two!

Here is the conclusion of the Thundarr the Barbarian review! And here is a picture that sums up the show for those of you who didn't read the first half.

So having defeated the rat men they continue on to Manhattan-er I mean Manhat! Making their way into the city they head into the subway and the woman of the group tells them about things she had read about the city. Going as far as telling Thundarr about a movie poster!

                                 (remember when places kept hanging up Jaws posters in the nineties?)

Continuing on Ookla the Mok (the big hairy guy) falls on the subway track. Cause since they're in a place they don't understand he must obviously not understand the concept of not walking off ledges.

As they wander through the train tunnel the woman is captured by an evil wizard who threatens to kill her if the others don't give him the black ball. They refuse and the wizard freezes them, but Thundarr is immune to it and not frozen, realizing the black ball makes him immune he turns down the Wizards demand and the wizard leaves. So he's okay with her being killed? Or does he know the wizards full of it? and why'd the wizard blast Thundarr if he new he would be immune? All it did was make him aware of the power he had? They're both idiots!

So now with the girl gone they give up there search of the tunnels and go back to the streets. Why? She was taken down a tunnel when kidnapped! Go down that tunnel! Why are you going back up topside?

Oh I know why! So you can go onto the street and be attacked by the wizards knights in a helicopter! (no seriously that's the only reason they have for leaving the tunnels and yes they're attacked by knights in helicopters!)

They too have lasers!

Which seems like a good idea! Give knights lasers! But as you see in the battle its not a good idea!

They just don't understand how to use projectile weapons favoring getting close to there opponents!

If you're gonna shoot at someone don't run up to point blank range and then fire!

Especially if your still gonna miss!

Thundarr then realizes that the knights are machines! Good cause if they were people I'd have been ashamed!

Hey this knight looks like hes gonna throw his laser at the hairy guy! (Stupid robot, fighting is for humans!)

They then defeat the knights and take their helicopter and head into the sky!

And as they leave we see that they were watched by the inhabitants of the city who did not know if they were friend or foe. The leader of the people is a man with a large brown beard and a lamp shade on his head.

Thundarr makes his way to the wizards base and leaves Ookla the Mok (who can't talk) to fly the helicopter as he jumps on to the wizards penthouse tower and sneaks in to save his friend! Why'd he leave him to fly it alone? This can't be good!

Thundarr fights off the villain! Well actually the girl uses magic to blind the evil wizard as Thundarr cuts the bars on the cage and they make there escape as the wizard stands around complaining of being blinded.

They make their way to a window to get to the helicopter but Ookla the Mok can't fly it over to them and instead he just smashes the control panels and screams then kicks the control panel out the nose of the helicopter causing it to crash.

I knew it was a bad idea to let him fly the helicopter!

So with no helicopter to get on to they jump out the window and land on there horses.

How'd their horses get there? Magic!

They make it back to Manhat and meet up with the inhabitants of the city and the old guy from the beginning. The wizard then makes his appearance and makes the Statue of Liberty come to life and attack our heroes!

The Statue of Liberty uses her torch as a flamethrower and blasts at the heroes! I never thought I'd say that!

The wizard asks one more time for the black ball and Thundarr gets an idea and throws it at the Statue of Liberty and in so doing destroys the black ball and the life of the statue! And with that the wizard leaves in anger.... and what if that hadn't worked? Then the wizard would have had the black ball and the statue would still be a threat! But being a kids show things always work out in the end.

And that concludes my write up on this show. My thoughts on it? Weird. Yup, that's it just: Weird.


  1. Holy Shi! I forgot all about this one, I used to love this crazy sh*t xD

  2. There are 3 noteworthy things here.
    1- If it wasn't for Ookla they would all be dead, he was badass among the badass.

    2- There were crackheads in the time, just look at the guy preaching with a fucking lamp shade in his head. Obviously a crackhead, pretty sure he asked them money after his babbling.

    3- I'd love to meet the creators of this show. Statue of liberty with a flamethrower? That's the kind of randomness i love.

  3. Hobo kings and statue of liberty flamethrowers? Yeah this sounds like my kind of show really.

  4. @Natural One Now that I've seen this show, I'll never forget!

    @Hasidic Plumber Here are three noteworthy things about your comment:

    1- You're totally right! Ooklas as badass as they come! Heck he's as badass as you!!

    2- Crackheads will survive better then roaches!

    3- I totally agree! They must be a fun bunch!

    @Mark It deffinitly seems like my kind of show! Infact I might have to watch more episodes and write about them! (I love thinking up funny comments!)

  5. Where did you find this show? It sure wasn't part of my childhood.

  6. I must watch this. Absolutely compelled to check this out after reading your reviews on it. I've honestly never heard of it before but I need to get around to watching this at some point soon!

  7. Well, you know, weird sells. Look at Japan. Cough.

  8. .... Now I REALLY wish I had seen this show.

  9. @Henry I first heard about it while looking at a list of shows the writer Mark Evanier wrote for, then I looked it up and found it on the internet and watched it!

    @Rawr nice comment!

    @YeamieWaffles If you liked the review you will like the show! It's quite amuzing!

    @D4 True.

    @Dylanthulhu Yeah the robot knights with lasers really sell the show!

  10. I've never watched cartoons back when I was young. This was definitely something I never watched.

  11. I'm off to watch this madness. I used to love Mysterious Cities of Gold and Dungeons & Dragons. This is right up my street!
    Very funny post!

  12. This show looks awesome! I've watched shows like Might Thor and Birdman but I never saw this show. Now I feel like going back in time just to see how hilarious this show really is.

  13. Someone was on shrooms while directing this one xd

  14. I don't recall ever seeing this cartoon but it looks like a rip-off of "He-Man".

  15. The off the wall kind of crap in this show tells me one thing....the creators of this show are crack heads! Which makes for a good show!

  16. I did read your comment on Rafi's blog, still amazed you remember that much about me.

    I also want to know what the writer's were smoking when they went over the plot of this episode. It seriously sounds like "kids are stupid and we can do whatever we want".

  17. i haven't seen this show before...

  18. @R.ger Don't worry you ain't missing much!

    @Miss Teacher Good luck on your quest!

    @Lord Phrozen Oh it's funny, but its not Harvey Bird man funny!

    @Gizmo don't forget the writers!

    @my day in a sentence you are a 100% correct!

    @Film Geek Bastard He probably is a He-Man rip off and He-Man is a Conan rip off!

    @coneforce Yup its up there with Citizen Kane and The Seven Samurai!

    @danjor21 Yeah when shows get lame they should just have hobo crack heads come in an make then better with their crazy ideas!

    @fatbloodyfinger yup.

    @DWei I'm stalking you.

    Also I think it's the consent of most of the other commenters that the writers where eating mushrooms and doing crack. So they might not have been smoking anything, inless they where smoking crack!

    Your probably right about the whole "kids are stupid we can do what we want" sentiment from the writers but that can be said for 90% of kids shows.

    @Shutterbug Count yourself lucky!

  19. you know...the more I think about it..the more I kinda think this show is a HeMan rip off

  20. You'd think she would have used her magic to escape!

  21. Great pictures within the post! Excellent to look at! Keep up the great work because you're excellent at it!

  22. Knights with lasers, chewbacca.. Manhat? Well, atleast this show is WAAAAAAAY more creative than most animes today, that's something, right? If you're into it.

  23. Ive seen some of these before, epic!

  24. @A Lunitic Pope I say to you what I said to Film Geek Bastard, He probably is a He-Man rip off and He-Man is a Conan rip off!

    @Hazel I noticed that too! So many things I wanted to say about this show I didn't cause I could have gone on for a month of posts about it and even I think that would have been to boring!

    @Jason Thank you!

    @Chucky Thanks!

    @neatfit you are totally correct!

    @Milky Epic!

    @RedHeadRob no it's not still on air, I found it on the web.

    @dora It deffinitly is!

  25. @Come At Me Bro you always say that! Are you a robot knight?

    @Lemur yeah its a masterpeice alright!

  26. I'm kind of disappointed that I never got to see this :)

  27. ok, so who came first, thundarr or he-man. one of them has some major suing to do. better call Harvey Birdman, attorney-at-law

  28. looks a lot like he-man to me.

  29. Nostalgia.
    Keep posting my friend.

  30. @Heaven. I understand what you mean. I would have loved to have watched this as a kid!

    @SilverWolf Right on! Harvey Bird man is the best lawyer ever! I wish he was on Law and Birder!

    @Astaroth to me too!

    @J.Antonio right on! You too!