Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thunder the Barba- oops I mean ThunDARR the Barbarian

The show is about Thundarr the Barbarian who is a Conan-esk warrior who fights monsters and wizards in a world of swords and sorcery! That takes place in the year 3994.

You see back in 1994 a run away planet flew between the earth and the moon causing cosmic destruction! And our civilization is cast into ruin! (Remember when that happened? It was just after Kurt Cobain's death! We've been living in a post apocalyptic society ever since!)

And now two thousand years later the world is a savage place with sorcery! (How'd magic show up? We loose technology and magic appears? That's odd!)

So Thundarr with his magical "Sun" sword and his companions a giant beast called Ookla the Mok (who can't talk and communicates only in grunts) and a sexy woman named Ariel take it upon themselves to fight evil wizards and help people.

                                        That's right Ariel pose sexy to fulfill your role as eye candy!

The first episode starts as the trio are riding there horses through a forest, riding around crashed airplanes and jumping over abandoned cars.

So for 2000 years those things have just sat their? No one dismantled them for parts or made them into homes? Seriously?

So as they travel though the forest/garbage dump they hear the cries of a man in danger and go to help him and in so doing they save the old man from some rat people. Yeah apparently there are rat people in the future, apparently rats only need 2000 years of Earth in destruction to evolve into humanoids!

So having fought of the rat people the trio is told of the old mans mission to bring a black ball that has magical properties to some wizards who live in the city of Manhat...(tan). The trio then decides to do his quest for him and head off the the city of Manhat (tan)!

They end up at a cliff looking out over some swampland leading to the city and to get off the cliff the one lady uses her magic to make a bridge across the swamp appear- and how do we as a people loose are technological advancements and then gain magic?

Seriously? That's pretty odd!

I wonder if we throw out our computers and never used the phone or drive a car if we'd become magical? Someone out there please try this and tell me telepathically if it works!

So as they start to cross the magical plot convenient bridge they are attacked by rat people on motorcycles. No seriously, here's a picture of it.

They're also shooting lasers.

Lasers that blast out of there wooden sticks..... weird.

So humans devolved into using swords and magic and rats evolved into using science? Huh!

So a human with a magical sword and in his underwear fights the rat men on motor bikes who shoot lasers out of their wooden sticks... now I've seen everything. Heck I've seen more than everything! I've seen the future!

To be continued! The episode is not done yet (infact this is just the beginning!) I'll post the rest tommorrow! And remember if you enjoyed reading this post there's always my old posts on Superhuman Samuria Syber-Squad, Battletoads and Dino Riders to read! (they are in the August posts to the right of this post)


  1. Never heard of this before, I don't think at least but it seems pretty cool in all honesty although it's unrealistic sounding.

  2. This guy was the He-man bizarre cousin. I loved that show. They stole ideas from many of the best shows from the time. The motorcycle riding rat men were stolen from the biker mice from mars for example. Ookla is the best sidekick ever too.
    What's not to like about this show?

  3. So a He-Man meets Conan the Barbarian lives in a post-apocalyptic future surrounded by scantily clad women who magically know magic because we didn't learn technology again and he does battle with the Biker Mice From Mars? (Or in this case, Earth). Sounds like something I would have enjoyed as a kid, but I got no memories of watching it.

  4. Oh HOO my god. who could I not Know about this?


  5. How is it the rat people have motor bikes and the humans are riding horses? Nothing in this show makes sense! Lasers from wooden sticks?

  6. what the hell, I feel like I just age a bag full of magic mushrooms.

  7. @YeamieWaffles yeah it is a fun show to watch!

    @hasidic Plumber this show predates biker mice from mars by a decade! So they ripped off this show!

    @Mark you probably don't have any memoirs watching the show cause its really old! (from 1980-1982)

    @after3 cause its a secret! Shhh!

    @danjor21 I'm as confused as you, more so really cause I watched the show and am still confused!

    @Henry thank you, I'm a terrible speller and the spell checker on blogger has the dumbest results for missspelled words! (but now I know and knowing is half the battle!)

    @convictus It made me feel like I was hit in the head!

  8. Why do you keep calling He-Man Thundarr, and who are those people next to him? Odd, I say.

  9. never heard of it either. looks extremely high quality :)

  10. I remember he-man and conan, but this not :O

  11. hey what did you think about terra nova?

  12. @D4 I keep calling him that cause I'm an asshole.

    @Major.Mack oh yeah, It's high quality!

    @Rawr Yeah I only found out about it resently cause my favorite writer (Mark Evanier) worked on a few episodes. I was looking at a list of his work and saw this and thought I'd try watching an episode.

    @Max Power Haven't seen that yet, but I plan on checking it out soon!

  13. This just looks like absurdist He-Man. I never saw this show.

  14. i remember about that serie
    this memory is very beautiful
    great post

  15. Wow I can't believe this show is real


  17. This show looks familiar, but I don't remember it much. Looks awesome though. lmao

  18. Isn't it He-man?

  19. very awesome, very fucking great.

  20. You'll have to do a review on Biker Mice From Mars some day lol!

  21. @Dylanthulhu He-Man is absurdist He-Man! Thundarrs just plain silly!

    @Damon I'm glad you liked it.

    @Adam I know how you feel!

    @Bones lol!

    @kwile I is awesome in its own weird way!

    @My 2 Pesos he may be!

    @maybe you. thanks!

    @Hazel Your right I might have to review that (and He-Man)!

  22. a great show. I remember it fondly.

  23. I expected 3994. to be more futuristic :o

  24. Omg, I think I actually saw this as a kid! :D

  25. Looking forward to magic! Only 1983 more years to wait!

  26. LOL the show makes no sense!?! I guess that would make it like most movies and tv :O

  27. @A Lunatic Pope I too will remember it fondly.

    @Gizmo lol! Me too!

    @my day in a sentence Did it shape your life as a child?

    @Shaw Glad to hear it!

    @neatfit lol! Its not to long of a wait!

    @Electric Addict totally true!

  28. @Heaven. It deffinitly is! Your always very percise with your wording! That's whats I like about you!

  29. Haha, now that the others have mentioned it, he does kinda remind me of Heman, with the blond hair and the glowing sword and all.