Friday, 27 January 2012

Bibleman Defeating the Shadow of Doubt last half

Hi I'm Bersercules, the Berserk Herc and today- Shadow of Doubt conclusion. Now where were we? Bibleman is full of doubt but doesn't know its doubt and is using science to figure out what it is.

So not knowing what else to do Bibleman goes back to the little girl to talk to her more... is he just trying to find reasons to talk to her?... he then tells her more bible quotes and she expresses her dissatisfaction with him and God. This causes the Shadow of Doubt who is listening to express his happiness on the subject matter to himself by making punny jokes about it!

Then Ludicrous, the Shadow of Doubts sidekick, pops up breaking the forth wall to point out to the audience the lameness of the jokes the Shadow of Doubts been saying.

What the fridge?! Is this guy trying to take my job? Is he me? Have I transcended reality and am now appearing in this show to mock it?! What the heck?!

This show is really crazy! Almost more messed up then the last one episode! But at least it doesn't have song and dance numbers...

... oh sheet!

So now we get to see his bulge flopping around?

So the Shadow of Doubt starts to dance around with two female minions as back up dancers!... Its one thing to have minions to fight and kidnap people, but making your minions dance behind you in sync? That's evil!

(at least this time the villain is the one dancing and not the kids... leave the kids alone!)

So as they all dance around in unison, a disembodied voice sings a song!... who's singing? Is Satan making an audio appearance? I don't know! but if someones singing a goofy song about the Shadow of Doubt, I wouldn't put it past Satan!

After finishing their song Bibleman shows up... did he wait for them to finish their dance routine before he interrupted them? They fight again (gee I wonder what weapons they use?) and then Bibleman feels doubt and again the villains leave as he gets the upper hand... wow these villains just love to drag things out!... is this video hell itself?

Back at Bibleman's base he tries to deal with his doubt and talks about his doubt and then FINALLY! he realises hes been effected with doubt... quick thinking isn't his forte!

So with his new found information they get ready to go back and face their foe!

And Coats gets his bazooka ready!... So Bibleman uses a sword like the sword of the spirit and Coats uses a BAZOOKA!?... a? um... Bazooka of truth?

Heading back to Shadow of Doubts head quarters ie the community centre... is it okay for him not to warn people that there's dangers in the basement? Anyway before facing the villain Bibleman chats with the little girl, again...

Okay, is no one bothered with Biblemans constant need to keep talking to this little girl?

Anyway Bibleman and Coats head down into the Shadow of Doubts layer with weapons at the ready...

(our Bible Duo ready for action!)

and how affective is Coats gonna be with a bazooka in close quarters?

The Shadow of Doubts minions show up! But they've caught the Shadow of Doubt unprepared in his bathrobe and curlers in his hair...


So they take to fighting their foes! And as Bibleman and Shadow of Doubt fight yet again

Coats uses his bazooka as a melee weapon and fights off two minions.

Wow instead of constant singing like the last episode this one has constant fighting... you'd think that would be a good thing!

So in the end they defeat the Shadow of Doubt (cause he runs off) and they then get a message from the pastor telling them that the little girl is doing great and that her family is getting counselling... so the Bible really didn't win out with this one?

Oh and then Bibleman addresses the audience reminding them that only Jesus is the real hero... so Biblemans one of the false idol the bible warns us of?

So that's it for today!... heck that's it for this week! See you all on Monday... or Tuesday, as I bring you another Bibleman review... yes! Another Bibleman review! Cause Bibleman's so big he takes more then one week to cover!


  1. My girlfriend caught me laughing hard at the bazooka part.

  2. At least he didn't have some kind of bullshit device to get rid of his doubt.

    Not counting the bible.

    Though his obsession with children is more than a little creepy.

  3. Brilliant. Because of these posts I decided to look up Bibleman on YouTube. I didn't know the intro song was so radical! Nothing screams 'God is good' like electric guitar.

    ...And how these actors have yet to win a Grammy is beyond me. The real sin is the world's lack of recognition for this show.

  4. I was just thinking how the one thing this show was really missing were some dance routines. Problem solved

  5. I started smiling when reading this and then that smile slowly turned into a roar of laughter, I loved this man, it's really cheered me up.

    I swear, it was hilarious when Bibleman and Coats (WHO WAS USING A BAZOOKA!), hit the villains lair but when you pointed out how the Shadow of a Doubt came out wearing hair curlers I cracked myself up. If it wasn't for the biblical references I'd assume this was supposed to be more comedy than serious!

  6. Omg, I didn't think that he would be able to pull it off. He did!!! :)

  7. How can this be entertainment, were the producers charged, imprisoned????? See you next week.....

  8. how do u even sit through stuff like this? balls of steal.

  9. LOL that bathrobe catch was epic, no bad guy has ever been caught in such a predicament..hahaha...maybe because no self respecting bad guy would do such a thing, but hey when you have a huge dance number with in sync minions to perform, you do what needs to be done..haha

  10. it just me?? But this show is sounding awesome. The part about Ludicrous popping up to say how lame Doubt's jokes are? Well, I think that's genius. I am kinda bummed that you didn't review this on video. (You probably explained why in one of these posts somewhere but I missed it.) Welp, if anything on earth deserves a long series of articles, it is certainly this wacky Bibleman show. What a great find by the Berserk Herc. Keep up the good work. Courage!

  11. So..... the villian gets the upper hand, and they run off.
    Bibleman defeats the villian, and they run off.

    wait... what?

  12. That show is nuts, and so are you for sitting though it. It's like your super power is to sit through any terrible show with out batting an eye. Bersercules, watcher of crap telly.

  13. @Everyone Thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed the write up!

    @Jimmy Fungus I did explain but I will do it again! The copies of the show I have are on tape and I can't put tape on to the computer and the episodes (exept one) can't be found on the web!

    @convictus Yep, thats my super power!

  14. What an exciting episode!
    I think the other episode was better. With the Joker rip of, and no penis.

  15. HAHAHAHA this was the funniest thing Ive seen in a while.

  16. i lol ed at this for 15 min. nice post

  17. I think the writers have been smoking some of that Holy Spirit. That is INSANE! I'm going to have to watch it now. Hopefully they follow Bibleman with those guys who tear phonebooks in half with the power of God.

  18. The bazooka of truth! Perfect for... swinging like a bat?

    Also, any chance of a video review of Bibleman? Even a short one, I just want to see a couple of clips!

  19. Haha, interesting.

  20. That looks pretty crazy, looks like it would be worth watching for some laughs haha

  21. this guy is epic
    shame i couldnt enjoy his show when i was a kid

  22. Bazoooka. As a melee weapon.

    . . . .

    Who taught these idiots how to fight?

  23. you should get a bible man tattoo ^_^

  24. I appreciate you shedding light on this series of terrible videos.

    The dancing scene looked particularly horrendous to my eyes.

  25. I-wow.

    Just wow.

    Berc, may I call you Berc? Berc-bro, I'm somewhat known amongst those I comment for leaving long-assed commentary that runs the gamut of "DUDE YOU ROCK!" to straight ranting about unrelated topics.

    This is the second time in a row where I have been simply mind-stumped by the subject matter covered and the reviewer's jibes.

    M'man, I am saluting you as hard as I physically can.

  26. When Coats held that bazooka, I suddenly felt respect for the guy. But when he uses it to smack his opponents instead of blasting them, all those respect went nowhere. I'm disappointing in you Coats!

  27. I... don't even know what to say about this.

  28. LMAO this is soo good. :D
    Thanks for doing this.

  29. some of these costumes leave too little to the imagination

  30. cant get enough of these bibleman reviews ^^

  31. I want a bazooka! And live ammo to go with it! Okay, so we've got Bibleman obsessed with a little girl, The Shadow of Doubt with a big bulge and wearing curlers and a bathrobe. I think the target audience for this is not what we think it is.

  32. I just noticed how the villain still wear his costume underneath his bathrobe and suddenly grows hair. What the hell?!

  33. I kind feel sorry for the actors. I guess it's just another stupid job for them to do.

  34. Out of freaking control! I will now be obsessed with Bibleman all day, thanks to you!

  35. Shit, that's pretty insane. Is it supposed to be silly? I can't really tell :S

    Would be ace to see this as a video review!