Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Night of the Ghouls video review

Hello Bloggerland! I'm posting this quickly before I go off to read all your wonderful blogs! I'm writing this so there's something here beyond just a video!

http://youtu.be/l5-Rjbbfqhc Had to add this link instead of a video cause when I put it in the add a video section it doesn't pop up. Other videos do instead! Stupid YouTube!

Move words! Yay!


  1. Ahh it's so old-school, just look at that police car!

  2. Although it's annoying not being able to watch while typing up my comment it made me so happy to see another video review out. I'd be tempted to check them all out at once on your channel but I don't want to spoil myself by watching them all in the one go instead of in these supplements. Excellent review as always man, the story to this is so complicated, I loved the Johnny Cash impersonator thing!

    And I replied back to your comment on my blog but I'm not sure if you read or not so yeah there is a campaign to get Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit to number one in the UK singles chart that's 140,000 people strong. Despite that it mightn't be enough!

  3. Bersercules: Thanks for the drop-in. And the nice words. Hope you're having a yummy day. Cheers & Boogie Boogie.

  4. hahaha I die of laughter before anything in that movie got me. And don't you know smoking is bad for you..haha

  5. @TheRaveSite.com Yep, very old cars! The movies from the fifties!

    @YeamieWaffles I'm glad you like the reviews! I will be posting more daily, but I've skipped over a few of the early ones cause I was so amaturish back then!

    I'm glad to hear its 140,000 strong! You'll have to spread the word too! I hope they make it to number one! Nirvana rules!

    @The Happy Whisk I'm having a great day! And I hope your day is great too!

    @Pat Hatt I'm glad you enjoyed it-- wait! What? Smoking is bad for you?! Crap! I'll have to give it up!

    But in all seriousness I only smoke a pack a year. Literally! One pack a year! (though I still have quite a few from this pack left so maybe now only a pack every two years!)

  6. The acting in those old black and whites compared to acting today is just crazy! I can't help but laugh at the acting! I am so thankful that acting has evolved...otherwise I may not be able to watch anything!

  7. Bloody video wouldn't load on my home connection...I'll try it at work tomorrow but there seemed to be a weird seance going on and I did watch your excellent review yesterday about the women but forgot to comment.......

  8. That can't be Dracula, dracula should be cool or sexy or something besides undead and boring. Why oh why did they have a skeleton at the sceance?

    Oh and laptop computer, laptop computer, laptop computer. How ya feel now big guy?

  9. See? If you do naughty things in a car you'll get killed :(

  10. haha give it a few more years and one pack a year will make one go broke too. They'll become so rare that it will cost $1000 just to look at the pretty decayed lung photo's haha

  11. Being as old as it is.. it's not THAT bad. It's just. I mean, you know. Yeah.

    ALSO! I personally prefer embedding my videos by hand. More personalized, it's just easier when blogger works. You do that by hitting the little 'html' button when writing your post, when you switch back it'll show the video. Experiment, try it out :)

  12. if you download the youtube video through various methods, you can upload it to blogger. just make sure you have a back link to youtube for the original artist :)

  13. @Workingdan Actors cetianly have gotten better over the years!

    @The Angry Lurker Yeah YouTubes videos have been acting weird lately! I hope you enjoy watching at work!

    @Baur Me too!

    @My 2 Pesos Glad you liked it!

    @Anne It wasn't actually Dracula it was Dr. Acula! Basically the same but with a space and a period! (like a woman)

    Wow Ow Wow! I am so exited! Its like a gang of anthropomorohic computer ladies are visiting me!

    @Heaven. I'll risk it anytime!

    @Tha Hot Lady I'm following you too!

    @Mochileiro Glad you enjoyed it!

    @Pat Hatt I save all the packs after I smoke them so I can see the decaying lungs anytime I want to! Its like beautiful art!

    @D4 It has its good quatlities! If it was truely bad I wouldn't review it! I watch the movie 2 or 3 times comming up with jokes and see many scenes over and over as I edit them! You gotta love old movies to make the reviews I make!

    I'll try that! Thanks! (I'm very computer illiterate!)

    @Bones I'll try that. But I might have already. I have the link to the video and all but it won't show up in bloggers list of posible links when I put them in. Thanks!

  14. And to think I favorite all your videos, comment on all of them and have subscribed to your channel and this is the treatment I get. I'm laying some Catholic guilt on you. Are you getting it, well are ya?

  15. @Anne Catholic guilt? Sounds interesting, does that include nuns and caning? But if your trying to imply something, no I don't get it.

  16. I wonder if I should add this to the ever growing list of movies I "should" be watching. Good review nonetheless. :D

  17. @R.gers If you like classic movies then no. Don't watch this! If you like corney movies then yes! Do watch this! Thanks!

    @THE INTERNET Glad to know the internet likes my review!

  18. In the related videos there was the entire movie. I wonder how many people who read this watched the movie. I also love how pleased you seem that you could just directly read from the script. The other half is killing those fucking communists. That's really the only action to the seance scene. It's not just you. I wish it was. I like how Comic-Relief Cop seemed to shoot him in the head several times, and all it got him was raped, but then when more competent cops do it, he dies.

  19. no really how do you sit through these movies.