Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Like the title says: Merry Christmas!


  1. Those pacman ghosts should keep their hands to themselves.

  2. hahaha Merry Christmas! and I don't think the ghost monster has an ass, is that possible?

  3. Merry Christmas and nice review !

  4. 20 Years Later

    Pacbaby: I'm above 20 already! Stop calling be a baby!

  5. I almost thought I wanted to see this one. I changed my mind.

    Merry Christmas and things!

  6. Edit: By "this" I mean the show. Your review made me change my mind*. That's nice and clear.

  7. At least they stayed true to the source material. I suppose. I'm also glad you put the santa suit back on. I hope you put it back on next year if you're still going.

    Please still be going!

    I think given the way Santa is with other specials, he could have just been high when he met the devil, Superman, and the M&Ms. It's kind of disturbing that his reindeer are half dead in the snow and he doesn't really care. Their anatomy is strange and unusual to me.

  8. Love the blog, definitely going to follow. Merry Christmas =].

  9. Lmao, I loved to see Santa crying his eyes out and being so negative and unenigmatic, this is such a horrible cartoon, it's amazing the amount of clearly obvious flaws you've been able to count out in this eight or so minute review, excellent stuff man, at least I now know to give that episode a miss. Have a Merry Christmas once again Bersecules!

  10. @JDC I agree!

    @Hazel Merry Christmas!

    @Pat Hatt Merry Christmas! But then where do the eaten bits of PacMan go?

    @GADAFINY Merry Christmas! Thanks!

    @Lord Phrozen LOL! Thats exactly right!

    @D4 Glad I could change you mind on this one! Merry Things and Christmas!

    @D4 I know! I got it!

    @Mark The PacMan source material! Not the Santa sorce material! (I hope I'm still around in a year! I also hope you celebrate many other holidays... if I can find specials for them!) He could have been high when he met the devil Pitch, Superman, the M&Ms and the Martians from Mars. But if thats true, why is he not high in this! The reindeer being half dead in the snow is why I reviewed this video! Me and my girlfriend laughed so hard when we saw that! As for there anatomy it is strange adn unusual to me too! But I'm glad there sexually free and adventurous!

    @Auto Insurance Facts Thanks glad you enjoy! Merry Christmas!

    @YeamieWaffles GLad you loved seeing Santa as a crybaby! I know I enjoyed it too! I too was surprised how crazy the cartoon was with its flaws and mistakes! (and I didn't mention all of them!) Have a Merry Christmas YeamieWaffles!

  11. Just wanted to post this here in case you didn't return to my blog post's comments that Nirvana only got to number 11 which while okay could have been much, much better so I'm a little disappointed! I actually missed it being played as I'd planned on checking it out a bit later on for the top seven or so songs so I was sorely disappointed. We would have been much higher but a huge proportion of sales were apparently disqualified or bulk buying but what can you do? It was a fun campaign and people got to hear Kurt on the radio once again, Nirvana will always be class to people like you and I buddy, right? :D

  12. Have a Merry Christmas too!

  13. PACLAND!?!!?!!!! \( ̄ヮ ̄)/

    Excellent commentary by the way.

  14. @YeamieWaffles Thanks for telling me! I went back and responded! I'm disappointed that some got disqualified! Multiple buys should be fair game! If it was a per person thing they should have had everyone vote! One vote one person! But they didn't! People where voting with there wallet! And alls fair in monitary things! I think the people running the thing just hate Nirvana (and good taste!)
    But if Nirvana is number 11 thats good too! 11 is two 1's! And Nirvana is twice the band anyother band is!

    @R And back at you again!

    @Come At Me Bro Glad you liked it!

    @Come At Me Bro Merry Christmas to you too!

    @Henry Glad to see you so exited about Pac-Land! I too got exited when I found out they had a christmas special! Glad you like the comentary!

    @Natural One Merry Christmas to you too!

  15. Great blog you've got here my b.RO! Following ya!

  16. @PhillLikeman Glad you like it! Followed you back!

  17. Merry Christmas, Bersecules! Hope you had a nice holiday weekend

  18. @My 2 Pesos Merry Christmas!

    @Imaoitsjesus Sounds good! I will!

    @DEZMOND Merry Christmas! I am!

    @Interwebs Fails Thanks! Back at you!

    @Javier Merry Christmas three!

  19. The dejected looking reindeer in the snowbank is fucking priceless. They can't climb out, santa, better put em down, like old yeller.

  20. @Generally Disgruntled Now that would be a scene I'd like to see!

  21. I'm not this girl, but I'm a girl.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  22. Did I ever tell you that I have a crush on Santa? Just saying..

  23. Merry Christmas :) now I have to go back and look at all your other blog posts to see how awesome they are!

  24. lol Snata ? lawl loved the post

  25. Merry (belated) Christmas to you!

  26. We hope you had a Merry Christmas, and that you used your whiteboy dancing skills to dance up a storm. The dancing, btw, which I would much rather see than this particular show.

  27. "Did he just fist him?" and "Santa is a pussy" Oh how I've missed you Bersercules. And I think Pac Baby is gonna get his arse beat on the playground when he goes to school. His parents have doomed him! You make a great Santa. I wanna make a joke about sitting on Santa's lap, but I won't. I'm off to Youtube ya.

  28. Merry Christmas to you as well! Though I am a bit late.

  29. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. :)

  30. Haha... this might be a bit late, but merry christmas

  31. Oh, I miss those good old cartoons! Happy holidays!

  32. @generally Disgruntled and Bersercules wtf man that's twisted. Only way you could make it worse is saying you'd fap to that.

  33. HEy.
    Hope ypu had great christmas.
    I really like to read your blog :)

  34. @Weekly Rambligns Merry Christmas! Gonna follow you back!

    @The Hot Girl I wonder what you look like! Merry Christmas!

    @Heaven. In to older guys with beards? Glad to know that!

    @Jessica Thorncroft I hope you enjoy them! (but none of them are as personal as your posts... being as I talk of TV!)

    @jerzey72 Glad you thought it funny!

    @Kingmush Merry (belated) Christmas to you too!

    @A Beer for the Shower I hope you two had a Merry Christmas as well! Glad to know my dancing is better then the crappy christmas cartoons!

    @Anne Glad you enjoyed the video! Ahh... fisting! That just puts me in the Christmas spirit! Anyway! Thanks! I'm glad I look good as a santa! And I wounder what your gonna say about santas lap!
    Also Anne, there was a second (or first) Christmas video! Its the post before this one! Just to let you know! (you go away for a few days and I post two christmas videos!)

    @Dylanthulhu Right back at you kind sir!

    @R.gers Its never too late for Merry Christmasses! Merry Chirstmas!

    @DWei Me too!

    @Michael Westside No, Merry Christmas!

    @escapist I know what you mean! Happy Holidays!

    @Fitizen Merry Christmas!

    @comvictus Huh. I never thought about that!...

    @Sara Hey! I did have a good christmas! I hope you had one too! Thanks!

  35. If I had seen this on Christmas Day, I think it might have sent me over the edge...
    tummy bug + Christmas day x(Pacman Christmas movie) = nervous breakdown

  36. @Mich Yeah I can see where that would push anyone over the edgy!
    I hope you feel better!