Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hey! Just words.

I hope everyone had a good holiday! I did!

Though I didn't post or comment much in the last day and a half! That will change now as I will be back to posting every weekday!

I will post more old videos soon and am working on new ones as soon as I finish blogging today! So in till I see you at your blogs have a great day! (and once I see you in your blogs have an even better day!)

this is where a video would be

this is where one more line of writing would be


  1. Hope you had a great holiday too!

  2. And this is where my comment would be hahaha.Just kidding, really don't hurt me, please don't hurt me. Post it and they will come.....

  3. It's great to hear you had a great holiday buddy though it's a shame that there's no videos for now anyway. You're still a good writer though and I wouldn't be too affected if your camera broke or something crazy and you had to stick to writing, you have a great style of writing as well.

    On a side note, did you ever notice we're constantly nearly neck on neck when it comes to followers? It's weird but I keep noticing when I comment you're always slightly ahead by a few but we usually stay in touch with each other. Guess that's because we joined around the same time right?

  4. @Hazel I did! Glad to hear yours where good too!

    @Anne Haha! Good one! This is where my response to your comment would be!

    @YeamieWaffles Glad to hear you like the writing! I must admite I miss just writing the blog!
    I never knew! I knew we were close for a while but I barely ever check! We started at the same time I think but others who did as well have more then us (like DWei) and some have less (like Heaven.)! I think it comes down to how much you look for new followers! I use to follow blogs and they'd follow me back (sometimes) but I stopped doing that as I got focused making video blogs! So the only new followers I've gotten are ones who found me! So I could probably get more followers if I put myself out there! You could too! Its all about letting people find your blog!
    (and I just looked now, I have 199 followers! Crazy!)

  5. Awesome! I love to watch videos so i'm definitely following your blog!
    Also, thanks! I indeed had a good holiday :D!

  6. Oh i wish i had things sorted out like you... that's the best way to start a new year

  7. Can't wait for new posts from you!

  8. I hope you had great days too, I can't wait for new posts.

  9. hey, at least you survived holiday candy and cakes :)

  10. Good to hear you had a nice holiday, but I'm guessing Santa nearly always does. What with all the booze and cookies people leave out for him. I'm yet to be convinced you are not actually Santa Claus. Also yes, yes my blog was happier when it had been commented on by you.

  11. This is where my comment would be.

    hope you had good holidays!

  12. Cool, looking forward to the new reviews!

  13. @Bersercules and thi is where my witty comeback would be!

  14. @iLoveCuteLittleKittens If you like watching vidoes then your in the right place!

    @Indistinctive Writer It comes with age. I never had things sorted out when I was young. Its a long and difficult path...

    @R Hopefully I wont disapoint!

    @GT I did have great days! Thanks!

    @DEZMOND I survived by eating chips and chicken wings instead!

    @Mark I might be Santa I might be the spirit of christmas I can't say for sure. And as for the cookies and booze if I was Santa I might just save those up and resell them later... toys ain't cheap!

    @JOutlaw This is where my response to your comment would be.

    Hope you had a good holiday aswell!

    @Natural One Glad to hear it! Hopefully you'll like them!

    @Anne And this is where my sarcastic response would be!

  15. Yeah but Santa has slave labour to make, or even steal perhaps, the toys for him.

  16. Thanks! And Im glad u did :) following

  17. Welcome back to Blogger! Lookin forward to seein your videos up ahead.

  18. Glad you had a nice holiday :) welcome back!

  19. A lot of would be, should be's going on. Hmmm maybe I should ad a could be to the should be would be.

  20. alright, looking forward to it.

  21. I hope you had a nice Christmas!!

    Yes, I do feel compelled to respond to each and every comment, but usually that means that for everyone who leaves me a comment, I will leave a comment on their blog. Most of the time when people leave a question on my blog I forget about it......
    And no, you're not annoying. :D

  22. As for the 3 options at the bottom of each post--I have no preference. If I wanted everyone to choose a specific one, I would not have provided three options. :D

  23. Glad to hear you're having a good holiday!

  24. Laughed at the ending more than I should have lol

  25. Cna't wait for new videos. (:

  26. Can't wait to see your new videos :)

  27. Yea were all busy but thats ok its the holidays!

  28. Glad to hear you had a good holiday, Herc! I didn't.

  29. i had a fine holiday sir, good to hear yours was aalright

  30. @Mark I never steal!- er I mean santa would never steal, and maybe he ate all his elf helpers years ago.

    @Fitizen And I'm following you!

    @Nairiku Guryo Thanks! I hope you enjoy!

    @D4 Thanks! Its good to be back!

    @Pat Hatt Sounds like the best plan yet!

    @convictus Thanks!

    @Lexsa Right on!

    @Bart I'm glad to hear it!

    @Mich Sounds like a good system! (exept for the forgetting part!) And actually I am annoying! You just don't know me well enough!

    @Mich Actually I was talking more of the words you chose to use. I think they reveal a lot about you!

    @Rachel Neilson Thanks!

    @Imaoitsjesus I laugh at odd things too much too!

    @My 2 Pesos Can't wait to hear what you have to say about them!

    @Heaven. I can't wait for you to see them either!

    @Baur Very true!

    @Dylanthulhu I'm sad to hear that! What happened?

    @Doom Generation Thank you kindly sir! I too am glad to hear yours was like wise fine!

  31. Goddamn it, I was going to do a "this is where my comment would be" comment, but then I decided to ctrl+f it first :(

    Now I got nothing.

  32. yeah holidays but we want videos ,great post

  33. Thanks for the visit.

  34. @Mochileiro Same to you!

    @heddin I didn't even know about ctrl+f! So you helped me learn that! Thats something!

    @Film Geek Bastard I hope you had a good one aswell!

    @Damon Thanks! Videos will be soon (sorta)

    @The Hot Lady Thanks!

  35. happy new year man!
    nice place you got here

  36. @Vulcan Raven Thanks! Thanks! Happy new year to you too!