Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Atom Age Vampire video review

Hi everyone! I'm blogging hours before I normally do for no particular reason. And I'm telling you this cause I like to have some words in my blog.

Oh wait! I do have something important to say! A whole bunch of people YeamieWaffles included are trying to get Nirvanas Teen Spirit to be number one in the UK for Christmas! And I think its something we all should strive for! So go to YeamieWaffles blog and check it out and ask him what you can do to bring Nirvana to number one for Christmas (in the UK)!

Now here's a video.



  1. I just watched the review, I still don't know where Atom, Age, or Vampire related to anything.

  2. @DWei It doesn't. Thats one of the things about old black and white movies. They could be called anything and it doesn't matter!

  3. Am I the first one here Buttercup Twinkle Toes? I can't handle the pressure. The guys are going to be pissed when they see you've put the cartoon pasties on the women's boobies. They broke more than the 4th wall with this plot. Jesus and an hour and a half. There's not enough popcorn in the world would keep me in my chair for that long.

  4. she could have covered that up with heavy makeup...

  5. Dammit, where's my comment. I thought I was first. Shit, feck, arse. I'm going over to Matthews (Yeamie's) page to see what I can do. You are a nice guy Bersercules, don't let me tell you any different :)

  6. @Anne No DWei got here first Master... I don't know if guys will be pissed. I like seeing them covered! There could be enough popcorn if they poured so much on you it smothered you. Death by popcorn is better then watching this movie!

    @Shaw You are totally correct! She is a very vain woman!

    @Anne I have it so comments need to be administrated by me before they can be posted! So it was in limbo!

    @Reilly Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. "Who wants to see a sexy woman dancing when we could get a silhouetted monster?" That line cracked me up so much. I love how she's apparently disfigured when you can barely notice anything wrong with her, this movie's just so ridiculous in general, especially with the pointless scene.

    Thanks for plugging the campaign too buddy although it seems like our dream of Nirvana reaching number one is beyond us right now. This Military Wives single is setting records in our country for downloads right now and it's going to take a lot of Nirvana downloading if Nirvana are going to reach number one. I haven't given up hope yet though and tomorrow I plan on buying all seven eligible versions to do my bit, if everyone else did their bit Nirvana would smash this. I'm not giving up hope!

    Great review as always man, I was surprised and disappointed to see how few views and subscribers the OTMR has on his channel, so much more is deserved than what you have on there right now!

  8. Limbo, limbo. You put me in limbo? I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too. I went to Matthews page and you can like the band on Facebook. I don't have a Facebook page, I'll see if my hubby will let me use his to help out. If I don't talk to you again, Happy Holidays!!

  9. @YeamieWaffles I'm glad you liked the review! I'm glad you think its crazy how few subscribers I have! I've been shocked on it for almost two years! Got two subscribers in the first two days of posting but then almost nothing since. Occationally someone comments but then their channel is closed, heck some of my subscribers channels are closed! I guess not many people out there on youtube looking up old movies! (which is one of the only ways I get any views!)

    I've never heard of this Military Wives song but I looked on google and all I found was a song sung by military wives, if thats the song, I think Kurt Cobains gonna roll over in his grave! Nirvana must be number one! Don't give up the fight! Hopefully more people in the UK will find out about this and make it happen! Keep up the good fight!

    @Anne I think all blogger is limbo... Happy Holidays to you too! Enjoy your trip!

  10. Buttercup Twinkletoes!!!! and Silence of the Lambs flashbacks!!!!!!, this was an awful movie but your commentary helps me endure that these were ever made, the song will never do it as everybodys been pushing a military wives song but I'll head over and encourage...Nirvane were great.

  11. @bersercules- just saw your comment on my blog...absolutely yes! i would love to have you mention my blog! The more the merrier!

  12. Nice review by the way! Where was the disfigured face? I couldn't see a damn thing wrong! Those old movies! So cheesy! Without them we wouldn't have anything to laugh at!

  13. hahaha yeah I'd much rather see a monster thingy any day of the week...pffft. And you know it has to be an hour and a half because Popeye has to sing his theme song ten times over.

  14. A lot of these things make people go "Wait, what?" Something appeared just before she went over the cliff but I couldn't make out what it was. If I had a mutant henchman I'd so call it Buttercup Twinkletoes. Her face is exactly the same...Wait what? (see) didn't he kill Sasha? Oh. Sasha was a guy. It seems.

  15. And I can't even sell my book (maybe I need to put in a silhouetted monster).
    But, I don't get the connection to Atom Age and vampire. Unless the doctor is a vampire, too, and, since this movie is filmed during the 50s, it's safe to say that it's during the 'Atom Age.' But, I suspect wondering about this is wasting valuable brain time.
    This HAD to have been in Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  16. Lol great review! I too was wondering what made her swerve off the road! And you gotta love plot convenience!

  17. That is quite a great cause...and now it is time to help

  18. oh, Bersercules, hope you won't kill me, but back when I was a kid I thought my head would explode every time they played SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT. Too much screaming and aggression for my taste in that one.

  19. lol great review dude :D

    id love to see some revies about more current movies/games/books though...

    also regarding what you wrote on my blog:

    "I wonder if pot was legal if the care that it was grown with would go down hill as companys half ass it to make more profits! (or would everyone just grow there own)"

    many people would probably just grow their own supply... still... the quality of sold weed would just get better.

    you can actually already see this by looking at the example of the medical marijuana industry.

  20. I'm going to vote for wang chung right now. Great Vid! Still want to promote you on my site –

  21. Sorrow were ever razed, and testy wrath. Supporting!

  22. How do you sit through these movies!

  23. Ah, shit I wanted to see that strip tease, too.

  24. Holy crap. When they started shooting up the greenhouse I lost it. Where do you find these movies?

  25. I love Nirvana.

  26. 1:18 I laughed so hard at how ridiculously she was moving the steering wheel.

  27. I'm leaving in a few hours and you are my last stop before I sign off. I wanted to say this before I go. I'm off ta Youtube ya!!

  28. @The Angry Lurker I'm glad you enjoyed the review! I've heard about the military wives thing. Is it a contrived ploy? Or is it just really popular?

    @Workingdan Good I will

    @Workingdan Glad you liked the review! And I agree the movies are chesey! But chesey can be good!

    @Pat Hatt Yeah I agree silloetted monsters are great! I wish Popeye sang that song from his movie! That was a good song!

    @Mark It was a car on the other side of the road and in no way in her way. I watched that part of the movie in slow mode to make sure! I forgot about Buttercup twinkle toes! He's my favorite secondary charater! Did you like seeing my beard in black and white?

    @AlPenwasser I think they just write cool words on a dart board and throw darts at it to come up with title! Actually MST3K didn't do this movie! I guess they knew better!

    @R Thanks!

    @GT Thanks!

    @Hazel I do love plot conviences! In a few of my old reviews I actually had "Plot Convience" as a "charater" in my reviews and my girlfriend voiced the charaters. So I really do love Plot Convience!

    @Kid Shuffle Good! Glad to hear it!

    @DEZMOND I can understand that. Not everyone has the same tastes! Do you like the military wives song?

    @i_love_weed Glad you like the review and I do review newer TV shows but I don't play new video games or read new books so I wouldn't be able to talk about those things!

    Your probably right about that! I can see that people who really love it would want the best quality avalible! But I've seen so many products people love get worse and worse quality as the years go on. So I'm always cautious.

    @Copyboy Wang Chung was a good song... I forgot about that... what does you promoting me on your site entail? my email is if you wanna contact me.

    @Lexsa No matter how often you say that I never tire of hearing it! Thanks!

    @GADAFINY None at all!

    @convictus I have patience like you would not believe. I watch each movie 2 or 3 times as well.

    @Henry It always depresses me when they don't show something like that. We'll never get to see her dance... literally! I'm sure that lady is dead now (or at least very old)! So they can make the scene now and add it.

    @Lot's Wife I buy a lot of DVD's with old black and white movies on them!

    @Baur Thanks!

    @My @ Pesos Me too! Glad you liked it!

    @Devour She's like a prop comic who thinks shes a serious actress!

    @Heaven. I know!

    @Anne Your just gonna miss me adding my new video! Oh well! Have a good trip!

    @Major.Mack Thanks!

  29. I couldn't really make out much of your beard but it does look like you're starting to develop a moustache.

  30. @Mark Are you sure you just commented on the right post?

  31. They musta thought a pretty girl would absolve them of the need to like....write a coherent story.

  32. I guess only mad scientists can do plastic surgery during that time.

  33. @heddin Thats probably right and not too bad of a thing! Some old movies do that and then don't add a hot girl!

    @Lord Phrozen I guess you need to be crazy to do plastic surgery! Which is why its so often done now a days!

  34. Lol little sis was talking to me while I was watching this, so I stopped paying attention for a sec. When I came back, that dude from Silence of the Lambs was dancing with a silhouetted monster over his crotch. I laughed a lot....

    You must remember that film was made in the 50's/60's, when all women were immaculately perfect. That minuscule mark on her face would have been the equivalent of having half your face burned off nowadays.


  35. @Mich Glad you liked the silhouetted monster bit! As for the woman of that time being immaculate I'll have to take your word for it! I've only seen woman from that time in black and white movies, and I can't tell how well they look cause of the film quality, and old magazines... old dirty magazines, and the ones it them can look quite nasty! (Besides Betty Page it seems only ugly chicks appear in porn of the past!)