Tuesday, 27 March 2012

This is not the greatest title in the world, this is just a tribute! Couldn't remember the greatest title in the world, this is just a tribute!

Hi! I'm Bersercules, the Berserk Herc! and welcome to my blog!

Last week I was tagged by Indistinctive Writer   as part of a "Get to know me" blog thing. So now I am responding to that! (Don't worry I'm not gonna tag others with it! I know how much you out there hate these things!... and I've already picked on everyone I can think of!... but if I haven't picked on you before and you wanna do this, just pretend I tagged you, heck! if I have picked on you before and you wanna do this, go for it too!... I don't care!)

Here are the rules:

1) Screw the rules...

11 random things about me!

Gosh I love writing eleven things about me!
I have a computer I share with my girlfriend hooked up to the internet and a second one I edit and write on in my "office" room.
I have an "office" room.
I love making video reviews.
I love picking my nose.
My mind goes blank when I'm put on the spot like this sometimes.
I like tuna sandwiches! (with cut up pickles and mayo)
I usually drink only water... I haven't drank alcohol in over two years.
I have three new video reviews that I'll be posting soon.
I can't count.

Now on to the eleven questions I'm suppose to answer.

1) What is your favourite horror movie? - Alien (it counts! Its labeled as a horror movie and not a sci fi!)
2) What piece of clothing can you not live without? - The shirt I ware in my old timey movie reviews!... with out it the reviews wouldn't be the same!
3) Who is the sexiest man alive? - probably some guy living in obscurity.
4) Who is the sexiest woman alive? - I don't know but I'd sure like to meet her!
5) If your shadow had a name what would it be? - I am my shadow! I killed the guy who's shadow I was and assumed his identity!... watch out for your shadows!
6) What is the best vegetable ever? - Corn. Its indigestible!
7) Skinny jeans or mini skirts? - I prefer seeing girls in mini skirts, but if you mean for me to wear, then I prefer clown suits!
8) What was your first word? - I don't know...
9) Who would you vote president of the world? - Myself. I know it sounds egotistical, but I think I'd have what it takes to make the world a better place!
10) What's the name of your very first school-friend? - wow! I don't recall! Its too long ago!
11) You're favourite ice-cream flavour? - vanilla or chocolate chip mint

And here's an Ol' Timey Movie Reviewer video!

This is the only Ol' Timey video I've done since I started blogging! I made it in December just after I shaved off my beard. I think its some of my best work... but I'll let you decide.


  1. Here are the rules:

    1) Screw the rules...

    This made my day. I love a rule rebel.

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, they were the insperation for the title!

  3. I actually didn't like the first alien movie. I thought it was kinda boring for the first good bit of it.

    I guess the movie was made back when male cheerleaders actually existed. George W. Bush was actually one in college.

    1. I liked Alien! The build up in the beginning just makes it more interesting!

      You're right! That movie is really really old! Bush old!

  4. Wow your summon at the movie could make it sound good, too bad we know about paint drying, then maybe it would be better..haha

    LMAO yes corn is the only one that goes in and out the same way...hahaha...your future self just proves you can't change fate..haha

    1. Yep corn never changes!

      (Actually it's my past self!)

  5. Picking your nose? That's kinda gross, Dude. lol

  6. I find blogging to be a more accessible format, written word can be digested more readily than videos.

    1. Some people process reading words better and others hearing them. I'm able to understand things easier if I hear them.

  7. Awesome answers as usual Herc, I love the classic review too.

  8. Video cant check now. Loved the answers. Clown costume favorite? My mom used to say all those smart and talented ones are freaks. I am attracted to geeks maybe becoz of that.
    Where are your questions in case we try to answer/

    1. I knew I forgot something... you could just answer the same question I did!

  9. LOL...I've had that Tenacious D song stuck in my head ever since the Hunger Games trailers first aired. (You know, cause they're 'tributes'?)

    I like your '11 things' list...very clever. But if you're going to be President of the World you should probably talk yourself up more!

    1. Naa I wouldn't be an elected president that needs the peoples aproval! I'd be a dictator!

  10. I love how you had the credits just pop up everywhere - very funny lol

  11. You usually have me cracking up, but your favorite vegetable one had me going more than usual. LMAO That's what makes a vegetable good? It's indigestability??? hahahahaha

  12. I'm having trouble with my internet provider right now and the vid wouldn't load, it kept timing out on me. But I will come back later this afternoon to watch it and comment about it.

    You pick your nose, but do you eat the booger?

  13. Tenacious D! Good choice with Alien.

  14. The answer to #4 "Who is the sexiest woman alive?" should have been "My girlfriend!" Enjoy sleeping on the couch, Bersercules.

  15. I wouldn't vote for myself as president of the world. Too much responsibility!

  16. Aliens.....a great film, and I love sweetcorn too! Shouldn't the answer to No4 be your girlfriend, your a brave man!!!

  17. Actually these lists make me laugh...as well as using in an emergency post. (I really enjoy getting to know people) Totally with you with the corn thing, but I'm a veggie. I drink only water, no tea or coffee, and I am easy to keep being already house-trained. I only need a cosy corner to curl up in from time to time!


  18. Hope next post won't bring us the answer to the question where the things that you pick out of your nose end up :)

  19. Wouldn't want to be president :P


  20. Ah I always liked the Alien movies

  21. I can't believe you told people you like picking your nose. That's gross! And I hope you don't do it in public. It always grosses me out when people do it in public.

  22. You made a Tenacious D reference. We are now at a higher level of friendship than we were previously. That was a pretty damn good review. It's hard to imagine someone could fuck up that premise, but really, is there a movie George Lucas HASN'T stolen from?

  23. Why is the road no longer paved? Wasn't that wooden fence barbed? Why are their dinosaurs? Is that a pterodactyl in the sky? What's going on?

    Brilliant post! The ending was genius!

  24. LOL I just listened to that song earlier. Awesome title. So much awards/questionnaires on blogger.

  25. Something about Debra's comment made me laugh and then worry. Enjoy your night, dude!

    As for the video, yeah it's definitely got the berserc herc flair, I think how good it is is all a matter of how much you've practiced. They'll consistently get better :)

  26. You mean burned off your beard right? I still remember you lighting that thing on fire.

  27. I was watching the goodness yesterday and the the internut went but I believe it's because of the awfulness of that movie and your bearded self telling you it was rubbish, nazis, slave girls and no nudity, WTHF?

  28. I think this was actually the plot of an episode of Wonder Woman. But seriously, one day when I make a movie, I am going to one-up the makers of "The Yesterday Machine" and have the credits running through the entire film. Anyway, I have learned one thing, well many things, but one main thing from your old time movie reviews... old movies really suck!

  29. >I haven't drank alcohol in over two years.

    I don't believe. It's impossible xD

  30. I can't use the Reply button... darn!

    @L Glad you enjoyed it!

    @R Awesome comment!

    @Jax My favourite food (not just vegetables) is rocks! Cause there really indegestable!!!

    @Anne Yeah the internet gets lame sometimes! I've never eaten a booger, I perfer to eat other things.

    @Henry The one thing that would make the movie Alien better: Tenacious D!

    @Debra She Who Seeks My girlfriend doesn't read my blog... and I don't think she'd care about it if she did.

    @Film Geek Bastard Does that mean you will vote for me?

    @Ray Rousell Yeah I'm fearless!

    @Megan Adamson I agree these types of posts are usually funny and are easy to use when you need a post! Yay! A fellow water drinker! I know so few people like us! I don't see why others hate water so much!!

    @DEZMOND ... darn now I can't post about that next...

    @Harvenger Cool! I'm gonna go check out your blog!

    @Baur Yeah and they're even better in the directors cut! There is scenes in them that should have been in the original but were cut for time!

    @Shutterbug I can't believe your surprised I told people weird stuff about me!

    @Mark So what is our friendship level now? 9000?
    or more? Yeah I hate that they messed up that premise! If I ever make a movie I might rip this movie off! I'm sure theres a movie out there George Lucas hasn't ri- what am I saying! He's done it to all of them!

    @Chiz Yeah I still never figured out why all that stuff happened... where did the telephone poles go? Did they just walk off? I'll figure this out one day!

    @Electric Addict I listened to the song just after I named the post that!

    @D4 Oddly enough I did enjoy my sleep that night! (My girlfriend never reads my blog! I could say anything and she'll never know! not that she'd care anyway.)

    I'm glad you've noticed I've been getting better! This video was the first time I made a giant step forward with my reviews! After it I did the Christmas ones and so on. And I think these last few months have been my best! I almost feel like posting my oldest reviews so people can see how far I've come!... maybe I'll have to do that next week.

    @DWei I had actually forgotten that! So yeah,, burnt most of it off then shaved the rest off...

    @The Angry Lurker So the movie has the power to kill internet conections? Thats spooky!! Thats one thing that could have saved this movie! Nudity!!!

    @Omnislash Yeah!

    @Jimmy Fungus A movie with credits all the way through?! Genius! Thats a movie I'd like to be part off!

    and not all old movies suck... just most of them! (good ones are: The Seven Samurai, The Hidden Fortress, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Bridge on the River Kwai, The Vikings and some others I can't think of now.)


  31. Ah Hillbillies in makeup..... having experienced this phenomonan once myself I can honestly say that it is one of the most terrifying things in the world. The male cheerleader and girl were right to run!

    Oh wait.... it's a good thing that they really were just guys from the past! Phew!

  32. Loving the title dude.
    haha and yes, screw the rules!
    This is just a tribute, You gotta believe it!
    And I wish you were there. Just a matter of opinion!

    Also, have you heard? the fenix has rizen!

  33. I've tried to kill my shadow, but it's too strong and evil.

  34. The D! New album is to be released soon BTW.

  35. @Stormtrooper I'm imposible.

    @JOutlaw Yeah good thing the movie didn't really have hillbillies in make-up! That would have been to terrifying!

    @annoymouse Glad the title amuzes you! Rize of the Fenix? Sweet! The D is back!

    @NellieVaughn Good. Glad to hear more shadows are out there and that they're getting stronger...

    @Tenment Funster I just found out! Awesome!!

  36. LOL~ your answers are so witty hilarious! ^_^ okay i'm voting you president of the world too ^____^

  37. @Indistinctive Writer Glad you liked the answers! Yay! I'm winning the world over one vote at a time!

  38. how dare you not mention my name under question number two? Scandal, I say, scandal! :)

  39. Tuna fish, miracle whip, french's yellow mustard, relish, sweet pickle juice.

    Fuck yeah, boyee. Slap that on some whole wheat bread or in a bun, and you've got yerself a MEAL holmes.