Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bibleman and the Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear

Hi! I'm Bersercules, the Berserk Herc! And today I'll be talking about the third tape of Bibleman! (Third of the ones I have... I don't have them all!)

Its title? The Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear!... so is Dr. Fear the guy who made this episode? 

Oh and for this one Biblemans costume looks different! More slick, more sophisticated, more retarded!

The episode starts off is standard Bibleman fashion ie lame crap... as Bibleman and Coats in their secret identities working on a set up for an up coming "Clean is Cool" Campaign (which is an anti drug campaign and not an anti littering campaign) for a local community centre!

Coats (or what ever his real name is) shows Miles Peterson (AKA Bibleman) two buttons that are prototypes for the buttons that the champain will use!
Miles admires the two buttons and they then head off for the night.

Wow! I can see why Bibleman loves these! They're frickin' cool!
So after Bibleman and Coats depart two oddly familiar looking villains show up to switch the clean is cool buttons for fake versions of them that cause their wearers to feel fear... wow! so Dr. Fear is gonna use fear? That's a shock!

And although these are different villains they're actually the same guys from the last episode! And I know this cause the sidekick Ludicrous (who couldn't even bother to change his name!)

breaks the fourth wall to tell us (the audience) that they're the same people! just playing different characters! Holy Bibleman! That's weird! They can't even get new actors to be in this show!!
But I'm not gonna complain, cause at least this time the villains sack remains hidden!
But oh crap! This time Bibleman can't contain his crotch!

Cause no one asked for it! Biblebulge! (Is it some new thing they're doing with the show where at least one crotch must be bulging per show?)
We now jump ahead as the "Clean is Cool" champain holds its dance... a swing dance... Oh funk!

And yes Bibleman dances.

Bibleman can do evil too!

And one confusing thing is Coats is wearing swing fashion... so is he in his secret identity or his hero identity?

Heck it even gets more confusing as Coats gets referred to as Coats by others no matter who he hangs out with! He is called Coats as he hangs out with Bibleman and when he hangs out with Miles! But no one thinks Miles is Bibleman even though they both hang out with a black guy named Coats! Does no one realise hes the same guy? Can they not tell them apart? His face is totally exposed! Whats wrong with these people? Do all black people look the same to them!? Do they just call all black people Coats?! What the frick!

...apparently a whole bunch of different men...
So to make a lame episode short, Bibleman and a kid are both affected by Dr. Fears fear thing (through the buttons) and Bibleman tries to understand why he's afraid by investigating things... why is he not praying instead?

And interspersed through out this episode Bibleman confronts and fights Dr. Fear.

And yes they fight with their lightsabers. This isn't getting old.

Yo Quiero Taco Smell!

...no I didn't make that up, that's what Dr. Fear says to Bibleman just before their second obligatory sword fight! ...I don't know why... he just says it... and speaking of obligatory sword fights lets jump ahead to their last obligatory sword battle! Which takes place in the same place as there first battle!... that's very set convenient! The set makers must have loved that!

(Why all these sword battles? Are sword fights prominent in the Bible?)
So Bibleman defeats Dr. Fear and over comes the magically imposed fear that was stopping him! (See Bibleman over came his magically imposed fear! that means you can over come your very real fears!)
And that's it for today.
Oh and Bibleman has a bike too!

(wow bikers are so cool!)


  1. God Damn it!!! It was all correct before I published it and when I did all the text changed and got smaller! Damn you blogger!!!

    1. Damn you to Hell!!!! He is one of the few people who don't make bikes look cool. Batman pulled that off no problem and even Robin did. It seems to me that for a guy who tells people God is the answer to their problems (if he's called Bibleman and speaks mostly in scripture I'm guessing that is the point) he sure does solve a lot of problems with his own strength and never really seems to ask God for any help or even for guidance such as when he's afraid. He sends out mixed messages if you ask me.

    2. lol! It's all good, this story is just too much man. Someone financed this and produced it!

  2. LOL damn blogger, always messing about. And you mean you don't have every single episode of this AMAZING series. Shame on you!

    That is pretty sad that the same actors have to be on the show. But then some just don't want to stoop that low. But hey they truly are like the human version of pinky and the brain. Although I think Pinky have more brains then both of them..sad humans..haha

  3. Bibleman's bulge is more than I can handle today.

  4. Herc! You're back! And with more Bibleman! Yessss, It feels like it's been forever.

  5. You're doing good work, saving us mortals from ever having to watch this lunacy, nothing wrong with the post from my end sir.....

  6. Hm... I'm beginning to notice a pattern here...

  7. So like uh your parents didn't make you watch this when you were a kid did they? If not then where the hell did you find this!?

  8. haha bible man dances like a boss

  9. I love a man on a bike ;)
    Now Bibleman on a bike is a whole other level!
    Bow Chica Bow Wowww
    Oh wait...I retract that statement. hahahaha

  10. he totally stole the Borg technology :))

  11. Bersercules is back!! You have been missed my friend. Oh God, Bibleman should never dance and I don't even have to see the vid to know that. "Yo Quiero Taco smell" he really said that? And that costume, if I was of Latin descent I'd be furious. And not another bulge!! Something is very wrong here, very wrong.

  12. Glad to have you back in rare form! Well, the form is blogger's fault, but I was jonesing for some Bibleman. You do not dissapoint.

  13. Dr Fear looks like a cross between a matador and Kano from Mortal Kombat

  14. ha. You know...I really think Lucas might have used Bibleman as inspiration with his prequel trilogy. That would explain A LOT actually.

  15. For a second there I wondered what Bibleman's dance was like. Then logic took over. I'd rather not know.

    Also, the post looks fine!

  16. Glad to see you've returned to text reviews, Bersec.. When I read bibleman I thought that he would punish bad guys according to the bible. Great presentation though.. Keep it up.

    1. Bibleman scares the hell outta me! His bulge is kinda sexy though!

  17. Dude, I am rolling - ROLLING around laughing my brown ass off over heah, brah!!!!

    Holy shit, this series. I'm actually of a mind to think that this wasn't made by Christians at all but people masquerading as them in order to troll Christians. I mean, "yo quiero taco smell?"

    That went right from the WTFLudicrous zone straight into StonerADD zone.


  18. I wish I'd remembered clean is cool before falling into my helpless drug addiction, awesome stuff Bersecules, I'm so sad the Bibleman series is over!

  19. Bible Man!!! You make every day clean & cool!

  20. This was sinfully funny. There... I said it.

  21. With a show like this available as an evangelical tool, it is hard to believe there are still people on earth who have not accepted Christ as their savior.

  22. at least they wised up and gave Dr. Fear a sith lightsaber for a change.

  23. We need to find those badges immediately. Someone must have some on ebay...

  24. I bet Bibleman really likes little boys for his crotch to just bulge up like that.